Meat Puppets  –  04/04/13

Mercury Lounge – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks


Back to places familiar to this guy as the Meat Puppets graced the Mercury Lounge tonight completing a back to back stint in New York City. If you’ve been following us here at Concert Confessions, you’ve read the documented tales of the band ripping through Lancaster and New Hope. Who would have thought that those shows wouldn’t have even began to prepare me on what was going to take place here tonight at 217 E Houston Street. It’s the late show, so doors are at 9:30 with The World Takes taking the stage at 10. Spotted Shandon outside, we discussed the KISS mural being removed from the wall on the bar across the street. I’m from here and I hadn’t noticed it.

Meat Puppets 04/04/13

Was heading in to check out some of The World Takes set when suddenly a vinyl mix up ended up in me keeping an eye on the merch table for a little while and act like a big shot. That was fun, because the people who come to the merch table are the people I really wanna talk to-the people who are really as into the Pups as I am. Anyone who saw me there with the “Your Favorite Band Sucks” hoodie on please I want you to be my friend. Especially that bartender who wanted to grab her shirt before it got crazy in there. The World Takes are headed upstate too, so make sure you check them out. I enjoyed them all three nights even if two of them were from the merch table they can rock it. And if you don’t trust me, ask DJ Bonebreak.

Curt Kirkwood / Meat Puppets 04/04/13

At about 10 after 11, The Meat Puppets hit the stage to a resounding cheer from the New York scum rockers like myself. Began their set with two sweet tunes off Rat Farm, the new record that comes out this month, Waiting and Sometimes Blue. All of these songs I’m getting to hear from the Rat Farm are so impressive, I can’t wait to get a hold of that thing. The Monkey And The Snake followed and before the night had began I decided that tonight was gonna be a night to focus on getting some video, and I did so by getting 15 songs taped.

Oh, Me batting clean up tonight. The shredding exhibitions that Curt is displaying with his six string are extra bitchin’. I mean after all it is late night in the Lower East Side, how could you do anything else besides tear that place to pieces.

Touchdown King then an 8 minute Up On The Sun got the crowd really going. Place went nuts when they came back to the meat of the song.

After some Wasted Days and Wasted Nights and Hey Baby Que Paso action, the band swam into Seal Whales  I’m a Mindless Idiot (Had my page misnumbered). Funny moment during the song (as seen in the video at 2:25 and then 2:49) when Curt reaches for his slide and can’t find it. Then asks for help finding it from Danny “Moped” (Roadie/Awesome dude) on the mic by humorously saying  “Come on Moped.. you fucking pothead get my slide”. I saw Danny head up there, and it looked as if it turned out to already be on the stage.

The title track from Rat Farm is freaking incredible. That “Rotten To The Core” line in the chorus is forever in my head, and the exploding beginning chords along with the verse being all aloha, it’s cheery at times and then gets angry. I like bipolar songs. Also, we’ve actually got some conversing on stage wit the band and the crowd. They looked like they were having tons of fun tonight

Another newbie, Time And Money preceeded Tennessee Stud. Then, next up was the live debut of “Original One” which SPIN has streaming as of today.

Curt Kirkwood 04/04/13

I broke the news about the stream to  Shandon and Cris before the show, so I’m not saying I was the reason for them playing it, but I sure as hell would like to think I am.


Open Wide!! I screamed so damn loud. What an amazing tune that we didn’t get the previous two nights. I mean, it’s lyrics like “Seventeen fat ripe rats hold stacks of juniper pie aloft” that make you wonder if the band is actually from this planet. Like, what the hell does that even mean? And how do you guys make it sound so awesome?

The first few times witnessing Sloop John B it live didn’t move me the way it’s moved me the past couple of nights.  It’s the “hug your friend and sway back and forth gently ” song before you start jumping up and down when Lake Of Fire storms in next and wrecks all those feelings of meditated joy.

This band is the best mind fuck in the world. And I guess somewhere during the set they decided to not do it encore style, and instead just play through all their songs and not have to come back and forth. I’m A Mindless Idiot Seal Whales (Again, paged misnumbered) jammed hard for a good few minutes, then Backwater ended my three night stint with the Meat Puppets.

It’s damn shame I’m not getting to see this band tomorrow night. You Ithaca folks are lucky, enjoy yourselves.


Download The Full Rip of this show courtesy of NYC Taper, by clicking here.

Set List:

01 Sometimes Blue (off Rat Farm)
02 Waiting (off Rat Farm)
03 The Monkey and the Snake
04 Oh, Me
05 Touchdown King
06 Up on the Sun
07 Comin’ Down
08 Plateau
09 Wasted Days and Wasted Nights [Freddy Fender]
10 (Hey Baby) Que Paso [Texas Tornadoes]
11 I’m a Mindless Idiot
12 Rat Farm (off Rat Farm)
13 Sam
14 Lost
15 Time and Money(off Rat Farm)
16 Tennessee Stud [Jimmy Driftwood]
17 Original One (off Rat Farm)
18 Open Wide
19 Sloop John B [Beach Boys]>
20 Lake of Fire
21 Seal Whales
22 Backwater

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