It has been roughly ten years or more since I seen Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, it was one of the most memorable concert experiences I had. I nearly died in that pit and it felt like I was fighting for my life every second, overall it was one of the worst pits I’ve ever been in, would I do it again, you bet I would.

Trent Reznor hasn’t changed much physically in those ten years, but musically he has. His side project “How to Destroy Angels” with his wife Mariqueen Maandig as the singer, Atticus Rose, and Rob Sheriden along with another guitar player have transformed music in a techno, melodic way. The lights, white curtains, and graphics that I seen ten years ago with Nine Inch Nails, the whole set is a melodic, colorful, transforming set you are mesmerized as you watch it.

How to Destroy Angels had done a pre-sale on there website for tickets to there upcoming tour, I was lucky enough to get one ticket, and it’s a special ticket it has your name printed on it to avoid scalpers, and to only allow you and your party into the venue immediately after handing you the ticket, this is what my ticket looked liked below:


I got to the venue around 2:30pm after driving through the rain almost all the way up to Chicago, once I got there, there was a line of about 30 people going in the opposite direction that my instructions said. Each of the pre-sale tickets got instructions on what to do and where to line up, which was nice, after chatting with those in line, I walked over to the box office and asked, luckily I was the fourth person there for pre-sale, so long story short, I was the first in the door to get my ticket. I like shows that way, I can actually walk to the rail and pick out a spot where I want to be, works for me.

How to Destroy Angels was suppose to have an opening band, but according to reports the opening band “DIIV” got snowed in up north, so they couldn’t make it to Chicago. A “DJ” was filling in, I’m not even sure what the dj’s name was, he played for roughly thirty minutes and “How to Destroy Angels” took the stage promptly at 8:30pm.


As you can see they have these rotating columns of white strings that float in front of them, there is roughly eight or nine sets of strings, it looks extremely cool up close. They rotate in and out and reflect some of the lights that are  are shown, they also reflect patterns of light, it makes for a visually entertaining show. They opened up with “The Wake Up” which is off of there current CD “Welcome to Oblivion” they also played a few selections from there 2010 EP titled “How to Destroy Angels” the set list is listed below.

  1. The wake-up
  2. Keep it together
  3. Parasite
  4. And the sky began to scream
  5. Ice age
  6. The Believers
  7. How long?
  8. Welcome oblivion
  9. BBB
  10. The Space in Between (sonoio remix)
  11. Fur-Lined
  12. The loop closes
  13. A Drowning


  1. One the wing
  2. Strings and attractors
  3. We fade away



Overall it was an amazing set, the lights, music, and Mariqueen has a beautiful voice, she is soft spoken and introduced the guys around her, with Trent then introducing her. It was an epic performance, worthy of standing out in the rain, and waiting for four hours I’m glad I was able to make it and be a part of this sold out show.

The Vic theater in Chicago is located off of Lake Shore drive, at the Belmont exit, you travel down Belmont until you get to Sheffield and turn left, and it’s right there, a public parking garage is across the street. Ten years ago when I was there for the first time there was nothing across the street, so it’s built up a whole lot in that time span. It’s a great venue, great acoustics, old theater type style, really a great venue for bands to play, and I would recommend anyone hit up a show there in the future.

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