With vocalist Randy Blythe acquitted of all charges against him from being charged with manslaughter in March, Lamb of God set out to continue their tour promoting their newest album,  “Resolution”. One of their stops was surprisingly in my area in Ventura so I knew that was a must go show for me.

Lamb of God


The crowd was set and ready the whole night as they roared in excitement as Lamb of God prepared to take the stage and opened with the first track from their new album, “Desolation” then continued with the single from the album “Ghost Walking”. All the songs they played were greatest hits which included: “Walk With Me in Hell”, “Now You’ve Got Something to Die For”, “Redneck”, and “Laid to Rest”.

Lamb of God singer, Randy Blythe

Randy Blythe and the rest of the band were on top of their game and kept the crowd going as Randy let out his signature growling singing style which was more or less easy to understand. Chris Adler being one of my favorite drummers is always awesome to see live and seeing him using his drumming techniques and go crazy while drumming is one of the many reason why I look up to him, in fact it was his drumming that got me into Lamb of God in the first place. Since I wasn’t too familiar with my metal scene, it was interesting seeing the different types of metal heads that lived in my area. Some of them you could tell they were into metal while others you could look at and wonder if they even know who Lamb of God is and didn’t come just to take up space or because someone forced them to.


I could say that the actual Lamb of God fans were all up front doing mosh pit after mosh pit to all their songs and jumping up and down  when Randy directed them to. After the show I managed to catch up with some of the band members and I personally congratulated Randy on his trial and being proven innocent and that it was very brave of him to face the trial instead of running from it. This was definitely an energetic show and it was nice to see one of the many bands I listen to come to my area instead of having to drive to Los Angeles and farther all the time. Lamb of God is a must-see live band for any metal fanatic.

Lamb of God live – Desolation 5-26-13(opening)

Lamb of God live – Now You’ve Got Something to Die For 5-26-13

Lamb of God live – Laid to Rest 5-26-13

Lamb of God live – Redneck 5-26-13


Lamb of God singer, Randy Blythe.

Lamb of God singer, Randy Blythe


Lamb of God drummer, Chris Adler

Lamb of God drummer, Chris Adler


Lamb of God guitarist, Willie Adler Lamb of God drummer, Chris Adler

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