I will admit this was my first time seeing Candlebox live in concert, but I have known and listened to them for the amount of time they have been out, over 20 years according to Kevin Martin, as he did say “this will be the last time you hear me scream this, I’m taking a break” during one of there songs. They do put on a great performance, but I was also there to see The Miggs.

We got to the venue around 5:30pm as we had been roaming around Bloomington all afternoon, knowing that 6:30pm we were going to do a meet and greet with Miggs, we hung out by the door. Candlebox was doing a meet and greet with the local radio station inside the doors, my friend Beth nearly died. She did attempt to go into the venue and present Kevin with her ticket to sign, but was kicked out by the lady that was running the meet and greet. Luckily, Kevin had to come out the front door to head to the bus, so she was able to get her meet and greet after all.

After doing a meet and greet with the Miggs, we went to stand in line, granted we were in the front of the line, but being in the middle wasn’t so bad it was worth it. We were able to get down front right to the left side of the stage, so no worries.

Open Air Stereo was the first band on stage and they started at 8:00pm, a small band from LA, they were pretty good, had an upbeat sound and got the crowd into it before the Miggs came on. I couldn’t tell you what they played as it was my first time seeing them, but they did do an excellent job.

The Miggs took the stage around 8:45pm, my friend and I had seen them open up for Scott Weiland here while back,  they announced on there Facebook page that they would be doing a small meet and greet for each of the shows they were opening for Candlebox, I took the opportunity to sign up for one of those meet and greets and Beth and I were the only two that showed up for Bloomington, which was alright by us. We had an awesome time hanging on Miggs tour bus, and listening to an acoustic performance of two songs, the guys are really sweet and I appreciate the time they took to allow us fans the chance to step inside there world.

Bus Shot

The Miggs are amazing live, they put on a great show with intense energy and wicked guitar riffs, John Luzzi is awesome on the guitar, along with Walker Adams (drums), Michael Lombardo (bass) and Don Miggs as the lead singer, they rock, literally. They played songs off of there recent album “15th and Hope”.

There set list is as follows:

MIGGS Set List

Candlebox took the stage around 10:15pm. Kevin made the comment that they were going to go back to 1993 and bring it into the future with there current CD. We ended up having Sean Hennesy, and Adam Kury right in front of us, peddle boards and all. One girl to the left of me kept on touching Sean’s leg, like she couldn’t actually believe he was right in front of her, although alcohol could have been her motivation. Candlebox’s set list consisted of 20 songs, even a few new ones. The set list:

Candlebox Set List

By the time “Far Behind” came around, the crowd was pretty wasted in a sense, and Kevin was pretty tired, it was a great show. Since it was my first time seeing them live, and Beth had seen them several times, they did a pretty good job. Overall a great night of music and memories, as when you hear one of there songs, it takes you back to the first time you heard it, way back some 20 years ago. After all it was there 20th Anniversary Tour. Kevin thanked the crowd for the 20 plus years of listening to them, and someone shouted out, “another 20 years”, he said “no, you will be lucky to get 10 more years from this group, he said, I’m tired”.

It was a great evening, and practice for the amount of concerts I have coming up, even though we didn’t have a rail, I did manage to make it through. It was definitely a night I’ll never forgot.


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