Going into this concert I really wasn’t sure who Zooey Deschanel was, nor had I seen her on TV or any of the movies that she starred in, but I will say that Zooey does have an appeal to her, and a voice that ranks up there with the best.

She & Him made their way to Chicago, Saturday night to play the Aragon, which was a lovely setting for Zooey’s voice, which has a harmoniousness soothing tone to it when she sings.

We managed to get the venue around 2pm, and there wasn’t anyone in line, so we were the first in line. At certain concerts you can sometimes tell who the fans are there to see, for She & Him, you could really tell who the fans where there to see. I have never seen so many girls in sun dresses, and flats in my life. I sort of felt under-dressed, as everyone looked “retro” in there printed patterned sun dresses and fifties style apparel, it was cool to see that the fans decked out for their favorite artist. Zooey herself had on a colorful sun dress, with sparkling appliqués and finger tips to match.
With the array of colorful sundresses as the attire at the concert, along with the strict no photos rule. Security had posted this sign out front roughly around 5pm concerning the photo taking rules, and gave us one to pass it down, so everyone in line could read it.

No photos

This notice left everyone bummed, but I figured if they don’t see you actually taking a photo, what are they going to do. Needless to say, I did manage to get ten photos, all be it just of Zooey, the stage was high, so positioning my cell camera to look up, wasn’t that hard. She & Him consists of She (Zooey Deschanel) and Him (M. Ward), they do have several others that play on stage with them, I didn’t get their names, but a variety of instruments were played, from the electronic violin, to a little ukulele which Zooey plays, it was overall a great mixture of music on stage.
She & Him opened up with “I was made for you” which was off of their first album “Volume 1″. They just released a new album titled “Volume 3″, here in May. They did play quite a variety of songs, and cover songs from various artists, I wasn’t able to get the set list, but will post what I do know.

  • I was made for you
  • Baby
  • I’ve Got Your Number Son
  • Take it Back
  • Change is Hard
  • Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me. (Mel Carter cover)
  • Thieves
  • Turn to White
  • I thought I saw your face today
  • You Really got a hold on me (The Miracles cover)
  • Stars Fell on Alabama (Frank Sinatra cover)
  • Ridin’ in My Car (NRBQ cover)
  • Don’t look back
  • Magic Trick (M. Ward song)
  • Why do you let me stay here
  • In the Sun
  • Never Wanted your Love
  • Together


  • I Could’ve been your girl
  • Sweet Darlin
  • Roll over Beethoven

Second Encore

  • I put a spell on you

Overall they sang for a good two hours, and I was impressed considering I had never seen them live before, they didn’t disappoint. They did have an opening band called “Camera Obscure” they were from Scotland and like She & Him had a lot of instruments on stage as well; they played for roughly 45 minutes, and sounded really good. There was one song that I liked called “Hey Lord”, it was really good, the girl standing next to me, knew it word for word, and yelled at the lead singer who was a girl, saying “you rock Tracey Ann”. I’m thinking her name was Tracey Ann; they were a good little band.

I love the Aragon Ballroom, it was the perfect setting for She & Him, although the stage was slightly higher than normal, it’s always a great venue for any band personally I think, and I love going to it through the summer.

Overall She & Him was a good little show, Zooey’s voice echoed through the Aragon and sounded amazing, they thanked their sound board girl, a girl named Kelly I believe, that was from Chicago, and they had “stole her” as M. Ward said for their tour, she too did an awesome job, keeping them sounding crisp, and clean throughout the whole concert, best overall sounding show I’ve been to in a while

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