Sevendust has arrived, what can I say they never ever disappoint when it comes to a show. They rocked the Deluxe room in Indianapolis last night so hard, Clint’s guitar was sweating, it was an amazing performance.

As usual I was the first in line, which I was slightly sad about as their was no one there, but they did have VIP and a signing at a record store before the show, so people did start to filter in. In going to these shows I always make new friends, and it’s good to know that you aren’t alone in driving by yourself to a concert. I met a girl from Alabama she drove six hours to see Otherwise one of the opening bands, and she was awesome, close to my age, talkative, really nice, loved Otherwise, and they loved her. I did catch up with her after the show, and met the guitarist of Otherwise whose name was Ryan, she had already met the lead singer and got a hug and photo.

Sevendust took the stage around 10:15 Indianapolis time, and wow is pretty much it. The adrenaline that you feel when they take the stage and start banging out the hits is enough to get you through the whole show, regardless of whether you are starved, on the verge of passing out. I think each time LaJon the lead singer starts a show, he’s so overwhelmed at the crowd and all the love that they feel on the stage, it’s an experience, they bring you on the stage with them.


They opened up with “Pieces” from there 2005 album entitled “Next” they also sang “Black” and “Bitch” from there first album in 1997 entitled “Sevendust”. They sang a variety for sure, and several songs from their latest offering “Black out the Sun”. One called “Got a Feeling” its beautiful, according to LaJon it’s about finding out someone is gone, and moving on. I almost started crying it was that emotional, Clint sings the majority of it, and LaJon joins in, he was emotional singing it, epic performance, and of course after that was “Angel Son” in honor of Lynn Strait, it’s a regular at a Sevendust performance.

The set list is below:

  1. Pieces
  2. Till Death
  3. Denial
  4. Praise
  5. Waffle
  6. Got a Feeling
  7. Angel Son
  8. Black
  9. Strong Arm
  10. Decay
  11. Alpha
  12. Bitch
  13. Splinter
  14. Face to Face

Sevendust have nine albums out, they have been doing this since 1997, I do believe they will make it ten before deciding it’s time, they aren’t getting younger, but they can rock out just as hard as the young ones, if not more. The crowd reflects them, there fans are middle-aged in a sense, there was a couple young ones, but the majority were in there early thirties, and older it’s an experience, one I love having.


There was two opening bands, “Otherwise” a band from Las Vegas was one of them, and they were amazing. These guys rock, and I believe I will have to see them live again. ┬áTo the point I’m debating on getting a ticket, because they are opening up for Three Days Grace in four weeks, ha. We see, there was also “Devour the Day” a band from Memphis TN, they were awesome as well, had a bit of bass trouble, but played a decent set despite the issues.

The concert was in the Deluxe room at the Old National Center, basically in the basement, but it was a great room for an up close and personal concert. The sound was awesome, and the room was filled, I think they said it held 1000 or so, not really sure, but it felt like there was at least 500 people behind me, regardless I wasn’t moved. Love the Old National Center, it’s a great place, they have several venues, the folks are super sweet, and it’s always a good time to be had.

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