A Day To Remember

w/ Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil & We Came As Romans 03/18/11

The Rapids Theatre – Niagara Falls, NY

In a race against time, I ran in clogs unfit for a mosh pit, making my way to the will call window to pick up my meet and greet passes for A Day To Remember. Already upset by the fact that I was 25 minutes late, I was further disappointed to learn that the meet and greet with ADTR was now rescheduled for after the show. No one in management seemed to have a clue as to what was going on as laminated passes were ripped from my hands and replaced with vinyl stickers.


Allowed inside half an hour before the line of kids wrapped around the building, most half dressed sporting hair in colors God certainly did not create, I made my way to the balcony and took my spot front and center so I could not only enjoy my view of the stage, but also the chaos that would soon be the empty floor below me. Being my first time at the Rapids Theatre a venue that holds 17,000 but sold 19,000 tickets for this show, I quickly took note of my access to both the one stall bathroom and the bar which was never an issue due to the fact that most of the fans were not old enough to drink. There was ample security and I have to say these were the nicest bunch of guys I have ever encountered at a show. Now for the good stuff…..


Post hardcore artists We Came As Romans riled up the waiting crowd with “Broken Statues” a song from their latest album To Plant A Seed. Kyle Pavone (vocals) and Dave Stephen (screams) take turns on the mic creating an emotional frenzy that only someone with bipolar syndrome can truly understand. This was my first time ever hearing these guys which is sad considering they have been around since 2005. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get heard in a world full of bubblegum pop soaked radio. These guys do have a lot of followers and I can say that I am one of their newest fans. Their song “To Move On Is To Grow” was sick! “Plant a Seed” had to be my favorite along with “Beliefs and Dreams.” If you haven’t heard We Came as Romans before, give them a listen.

For those of you that are fans of Pierce the Veil, my apologies but my mother always said if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Oh wait! I DO have something to say. Thanks for the pee break.

Next up was Bring Me The Horizon a metal band form the United Kingdom. Again, I had never heard these guys before and while their music was a little too much scream for me they truly did entertain the fans. I spent more time enjoying the view of the circle pits and the Wall of Death than the actual music. I did however enjoy the opening song “It never Ends” but then the screaming continued on with “Diamonds Aren’t Forever”, “Alligator Blood” and no doubt a fan favorite “Fuck.” They seemed like fun guys, just a bit too screamish for me.

Now, what you have all been waiting for…ADTR. They started the set with “Sticks and Bricks.” Not one of my favorites but still a good tune. I favored their backdrop and lighting the best of all of the bands and it certainly made for clearer pictures even though all mine sucked! Rumor has it that singer Jeremy McKinnom was actually sicker than a dog for the following nights show in Toronto. If he was feeling under the weather, he didn’t show it.  Jeremy took over the stage jumping, pointing and looking like a rock star.

They played a few heavier songs like “The Danger in Starting a Fire” and a “Shot in the Dark” before hitting a mellower little tune called “My Life For Hire.” I’m not going to post the entire set list but they played some other favorites like “2nd Sucks,” “Homesick,” “Have Faith in Me” and “This is the Home That Doubt Built.” I was totally stoked about the encore as they came back out and played my two absolute favorites “If It Means That Much to You” and “The Downfall of Us All.” I felt that the balloon drop was a tad cheesy not to mention annoying as the echoes of several balloon pops drowned out their music and I’m sure the venue was thrilled with the confetti cleanup :) All in all it was a pretty good show but what happened after was anything but good if you are a fan excited to meet ADTR

We were instructed to wait at the merchandise stand after the show to meet the guys. After waiting over an hour and watching everyone clear out of the place except for the leftover pizza eating security guards and the merchandise dude trying to pack up a bunch of shirts; Jeremy and Josh came out. No sorry or thanks for waiting, hell they didn’t even smile. They signed some shit, took a few pictures and were gone. Hey thanks guys, I only had a two hour drive ahead of me and I was exhausted. You’ve got to take care of your fans a little bit better than that. Don’t worry though..I still love ya.


Words/Photos by Steph





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