Meat Puppets – Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn,NY – 10/12/13

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

Meat Puppets Brooklyn Bowl 2013

You know what they say, 13th time is a charm right? This is going to be a great one, The Meat Puppets are back in New York tonight! At the Brooklyn Bowl no less, in the hipster capital of the world known as Williamsburg. How could you not love the Brooklyn Bowl? If I had any money I’d have dinner, the menu looks amazing. It’s a bowling alley, and people do bowl during the duration of the show. It’s kinda neat, like  between your turns you can rock out to awesome music.  Spent a good portion of my 6 o clock hour lost in this town, because even if you give me the smartest phone in the world I can still find ways not to follow directions and follow my own wrong instincts. Didn’t get to the Brooklyn Bowl til about 645, 45 minutes after doors opened, and settled in on a couch.. near an outlet. On the lookout for any Meat Puppets walking by.

Enemy Planes

Enemy Planes hit the stage at 8:35. Would you call this “groovy”? These guys got into jams I can’t even explain which way is up. It appears as if my iPhone isn’t the only apple product in use here tonight at the Brooklyn Bowl, as there are MacBooks all over the stage. A dude playing slide guitar, just because. I kept thinking that I’ve seen this lead singer before, where have I seen him. Then I figured it out. This is where Jesse Pinkman drove his car off to in the Breaking Bad series finale! He does look like Pinkman. They captured the room, had a bunch of people up front extremely interested in the goings on. I was checking out the rest of the room make sure it filled out, which it did to an extent. Enemy Planes went off at 9:09.

Meat Puppets pushing it close to 10, and there’s another show on after this with doors to that opening  at 11:30. About 10 to 10 it was time to party.  Kirkwood, Kirkwood, Kirkwood and Sahm.. The Meat Puppets.

Meat Puppets Brooklyn Bowl 2013

In April, I remember mixing up the names of I’m A Mindless Idiot and Seal Whales. They’re both extended instrumental jams, and there was no confusion tonight as this mindless idiot was rolling film. The thing about this tour is the lack of video appearing on YouTube from it. I’ve made a conscience decision to change that.

Monkey and the Snake and Touchdown King brought the fierceness before jumping into a Plateau/Coming Down back to backer.

That Plateau was nothing short of fucking majestic and Coming Down seemed, if it could be, a little extra twangy tonight. Went for the shortened version of Up On The Sun tonight, it was ONLY TEN MINUTES long!

Curt pulled out the slide early tonight, early and often.

Curt Slide

First Rat Farm tracks tonight: Sometimes Blue and Waiting rocked the Bowling Alley into nothing but a sea of bobbing heads. Waiting is so Byrds-y, then you just sing the lyrics along to yourself and realize how far a songwriter the man to the far left of our room,

Curt Kirkwood, has evolved to over the course of the last 30 years. Then it was time for Sam, a song that I recall Marc Maron asking Curt about on his WTF podcast last week. How is Shandon not busting open his drum kit back there? He’s killin’ it as usual.

Sam was speedy as ever, serving as a great prelude to the Lost that would follow.

Curtin' It Close


Time for some Oh, Me action. I knew it was coming after Lost, didn’t need to see Curt mouth it to the band to have the feel of the set.

Speaking of feels of the set, I set myself up right in front of the stage to the far right anticipating Curt to be there but he and Cris switched sides! They’re usually on opposite sides, the 12 other times I’ve seen them anyway. I’m standing right in front of Cris, who is a master of jumping around stage hitting the bass like a beast. And Elmo is sandwiched between Father and Uncle, front and center. Destroying it. Broke a string or two by night’s end. This kid shreds harder and better every time I see these dudes. Especially on Seal Whales, which came right after

Time and Money, another solid Rat Farm track.

photo (17)

Now we’re diving right into a groovy Backwater as it seems we are creeping to the end of this evening. During Sloop John B next I wrote it down along with writing down Lake of Fire.. Because Lake of Fire always comes next, right? Thirteenth time seeing these guys and they still can throw curve balls- Open Wide came next. A very surprised reaction not unlike the one I felt in April at Mercury Lounge, I let off a loud “oh shit!!” As I focused in with my new toy on the video, my iPhone 5C. Awesome amphibious times.

Now the opening chords of Cathy’s Clown begin, as the band is being told that that’s it. Elmo, who doesn’t look thrilled about having to compromise the Everly Brothers classic, makes sure to extend a jam in the middle of it,

making sure the thing clocked in over seven minutes.  There was some serious headiness here, Curt and Elmo just bounced riffs off of one another for what seemed like forever. You’d have to keep reminding yourself “Holy shit this is still Cathy’s Clown!”. Then, assuming we’re just here to piss off the people who make the rules, Shandon slams the skins not once, not twice, but four knocks right into Lake of Fire. The phrase ‘crowd goes wild’ couldn’t be more appropriate here. And all puns that involve Lake Of Fire and the song ‘burned’ down the house (you know, because of the fire) cannot be brushed aside as usual cliche.

The Meat Puppets bowl a 300 at Brooklyn Bowl. That set was just perfect.


I’m A Mindless Idiot

Monkey and the Snake

Touchdown King


Coming Down

Up on the Sun

Sometimes blue




Oh, Me

Time and Money

Seal Whales


Sloop John B (Beach Boys)

Open Wide

Cathy’s Clown (Everly Brothers)

Lake of Fire

We’ll delve more into this on the weekly installment of The Jay Porks Experience Podcast, which you can find here.

photo (12)

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