Tool – 3/4/2014 Spokane Arena – Spokane, Washington

Video and Words by thenaturalstoner, Photos by thenaturalstoner and Mouph Breaver


Full Concert Confessions Disclosure Intro: I am a Tool noob.  Not the biggest noob of all time mind you, but one nonetheless.  I know and enjoy most of the popular songs, but have not taken the time in my past to delve deep into their catalog.  This is a self-admitted mistake and something I hope to rectify down the line.  Regardless of my naivety, I had fairly high expectations going into this show.  Expectations that were met in pretty much all ways… other than show duration.  I do look forward to the day I can consider myself a Tool veteran, if tonight is any indicator.

Tool Spokane

Tool is another in a (too long of) line of great “1990’s bands” that I have wanted to see but never got the opportunity, for one reason or another.  I have been getting many of these types of bands off my bucket list the last few years, Soundgarden, Rancid, Mudhoney, etc.  But Tool was one that hadn’t really crossed my mind as a possibility for some reason.  Needless to say, once I saw that Tool had announced some random new tour dates with the first show being in Spokane, an hour from home, I had to go.  It’s not very often that a band of this stature hits Eastern Washington, much less as a tour opener.

Being most familiar with Undertow and Ænima, I was hoping to hear a bunch of Tools older songs that I knew plus some other gems that I might not have known much about.  To that end, the band did not disappoint.  We got two “sets”, although they were pretty darn short.  I am not sure the point of the twelve minute intermission 6 songs into the show, but who am I to complain?

Tool Spokane 2

From Lateralus to Forty-Six & 2 to Ænima, this show was a heck of a good time for me.  I dug the songs I knew, enjoyed the songs I didn’t, had some personal intense moments with the bands visual display, and basically had a really good time tonight in Spokane.

Eugene, Oregon act YOB opened the night, and their set of heavy metal riffs and screaming vocals got the Arena primed for the impressive show that followed.  But it was the group from Los Angeles that had the large sold out crowd in the palms of their hands.  I just wish we were in their hands a wee bit longer.

Opening with Hooker With a Penis had the crowd, and me specifically, pumped and ready for more.  Maynard and Co. (mostly the Co. as Maynard hangs in the back) owned this stage from start to finish.  The 80 to 90 minute show had several highlights, from the before mentioned Lateralus to personal favorite Pushit.  Ænima had some of the more cool lighting effects I have seen, and Stinkfist was a great way to finish the set (sorry about my finger blocking a corner of the screen at the start of the YouTube video, ugh). Maynard had a tree air freshener hanging off his microphone stand and before Ænima said “A friend of mine gave this to me, it’s new car scent, because some of y’all motherfuckers smell like shit, no offense.” The no encore was an expected bummer, but a bummer nonetheless.



I pondered and learned quite a bit this evening, mostly along the themes of “Why didn’t I ever dig a little deeper into this band when I was younger?”  But you can’t dwell on past mistakes, you can only hope to improve from them.  Tonight I finally got to confirm that Tool is a super live band, having just witnessed a pretty good throw down in Spokane, Washington with my own two eyes.



Hooker With a Penis
Schism (with Jam intro)

Intermission (with 12 minute countdown in video screen)

B’Boom (King Crimson cover)
Forty-Six & 2


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