Unwritten Law w/ Authority Zero 04/19/11

The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT

Words/Photos by Meredeth


Well, I must say, being new here, this is one hell of a show to start off with. Authority Zero and Unwritten Law just came through Salt Lake City this week, and needless to say, they got our attention.

Authority Zero is an Arizona-based band, and this was my first encounter with them. The front man, Jason DeVore should charge for the clinic he put on in “bringing it”. He kept the same vibrant and engaging energy throughout the entire set. The crowd fed off the energy he put off and then some. Bassist Jeremy Wood thumped out the notes with authority(get it?!) and never missed a beat. I’m not going to tell you that I knew the songs, but I will say that I plan on knowing them from now on. As a first-timer for these boys, they have definitely captured a new fan, or 100. Drummer Jim Wilcox was hard for me to see, as he was mostly a blur of arms driving the rhythm into our happy heads. Guitarist Brandon Landelius quipped that he was “the new guy” and said he didn’t know the songs yet. Hey Brandon, well done sir. Please enjoy some photos from the set below.

Moving on to Unwritten Law……not only did I have the fortune of talking with singer Scott Russo and drummer Dylan Howard, the crowd was delighted to see Scott’s son Tre hanging around. Scott was kind enough to tell me that Tre would perform with him during Seeing Red. As soon as Tre came on stage, even the most seasoned punkers let out an “awwww”. Tre sang with his dad, and melted our hearts. The band covered a lot of years at this show, as well as a few new songs from the latest album, Swan. A personal highlight for me was “Cailin”(because I serenade my best friend of the same name with this song since we were 15). Feel free to take a look at the pictures, and go see this tour if you have the chance!

Unwritten Law


Authority Zero:




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