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Hanging with folks this week who have fond memories of the Meat Puppets opening for Ween at Red Rocks some years back. So of course the amazing Red Rocks Amphitheater was part of the day’s sight seeing tour, along with a walk on campus at University of Colorado where I sat in on a Psych class for no reason whatsoever. Tonight we’re in Boulder at The Fox Theater, and it’s a tad later show. Doors at 8:30.

Moistboyz at 9 and the Meat Puppets at 11 tonight. This co-headlining bill makes it easy to see a show on back to back nights, see what songs which band feels don’t make the cut for their longer sets. Last night felt like the bands split time, and both sets were almost equal in length. Seems that it will be the case again tonight. Doors opened at 8:30 and show started promptly at 9.

Moistboyz 04/02/14

Guy, Micky and the gang take the stage at 9 and kick tonight off with “U Blow”. Loud as ever. Second night in Colorado, second straight packed out house for both bands. Usually takes a few minutes for the stragglers to head inside, but 8:30 doors had a cluster under the marquee regardless. Several fans walking up to merch asking for Moistboyz vinyl pre “V”.

moistboyz boulder

No second floor tonight, but side balconys galore here in the Rocky Mountains. As mentioned yesterday, everyone in this crowd knows all these songs. Guy let’s a little country twang fly on “Down on the Farm”, which with ” The Tweaker”  are now  up there in Moistboyz tracks that I’ll be humming for days. Plus tonight we got “1.0 (Fuck No)” which is another hard rocking head nodder. I couldn’t figure out what the crowd was chanting during the chorus but the building was sizzling at this point and it’s currently snowing outside. Guy mentioned they had to throw a song called “My War” off the record “when we realized Black Flag had a song by that name”.

More talkative tonight as Mickey tells the crowd that they’re are “great looking” tonight. Never retire Mick, never retire. Speaking of Micky, he’s back at again shredding with the sheer grittiness that only the Deaner can provide. Damn did I wish they threw a Ween song or two in here. I know they’re not trying to be that, but it could have been cool. How bout an impromptu jam session between the Kirkwoods and Deaner? Another time I’m in the same room with these dudes and they don’t blow minds with a jam. Maybe they’ll save something special for the show closer in Minneapolis. I bet no one will record it. Sad face emoticon.

Learn the songs by heart or don’t know a damn note and you’re still gonna have a good time at this live show. I wish I could move to a town where everyone is into good music, I can get very used to this. Moistboyz were off the stage a tad after 10PM.

Moistboyz partial probably not correctly ordered setlist: U Blow, The Fury, The Spike,Captain America, My War, 1.0 (Fuck No), Down on the Farm, The Tweaker Black train, Paperboy, I am The Reaper, Valley of the Sun, Keep the Fire Alive, Good Morning America.

Curt Kirkwood 04/02/14

Not due on stage until 11PM, color me impressed when the boys came out at 10:40 to start slaying tonight’s headlining set. Interested to see what songs we get tonight that we didn’t have the privilege of experiencing last night. Also get the extended jams tonight on Plateau and Touchdown King, with a curfew of 1:30 they could pretty much play every song in the damn catalog.

Meat Puppets 4/2/14

Our first non repeat of the two nights came “Sometimes Blue” which followed it’s Rat Farm partner track “Waiting”. Also good to mix in “Lost” because I was across the street earlier in the day in a record store and Lost had gotten in my head from over the stores PA. It was almost perfect that it happened.

Also, last night we didn’t get a “Backwater”, which I did not even realized happened until it was heard tonight.

photo (3)

Towards midnight “Open Wide” was busted out. I always think Open Wide is Attacked By Monsters with its first riff or so.

Set seemed to move along so fast, here we were coming up to the finish line with “Sloop John B”. It’s easy to get lost in time when witnessing the Meat Puppets live, sometimes they delve deep into a jammy part of a song that makes you feel like you’ve been taken off the earth and taken to outer space for the duration of songs.  It’s part of the magic that is this band. Part of the magic that makes people like me come back for the 15th time. 16 can’t come soon enough.


photo (3)

Meat Puppets setlist:

I’m a Mindless Idiot*
Coming down
Up On The Sun
The monkey and the snake
Oh,  Me
Sometimes Blue
Hey baby Que Paso
Wasted days and Wasted nights
Seal Whales*
Sloop john B
Lake of fire
Open Wide
Cathy’s Clown

*I’m notorious for mixing up these instrumental jams seeing them performed live so these two might be flip flopped.

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