Jerry Seinfeld and Larry Miller 4/12/14 – Beasley Coliseum, Pullman, WA

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While Mom’s Weekend on the Washington State University campus is packed full of events every year, us “locals” typically hunker down and stay inside to avoid the massive influx of people and drunken carnage that comes along with the moms.  I have always heard that more booze, condoms, and morning after pills are purchased this weekend than any other in Pullman, Washington, and I believe that.  While this might sound like a lot of fun to some, the long lines EVERYWHERE, annoying attitudes and general lack of oxygen make most of us typically just “stay home” and count the hours until Sunday nights mass exodus.  However this year WSU decided to pay a little more money and bring in a bigger headline act than usual, Jerry Seinfeld, so I thought I would throw them a bone and go support the show and a comedian I have enjoyed most of my life.  Larry Miller getting added later as the opening act was a nice surprise as well.  I hope you find that this “Comedy Confession” fits in with the overall spirit of this website.

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For being in a remote location in Eastern Washington, Beasley Coliseum is a pretty large venue.  The over 10,000 seat arena is primarily occupied by the WSU Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams and other random performing arts events, but rarely does the facility open the entire place up to full capacity for concerts or comedy acts.  Two weeks from now Snoop Dogg will play the 6,000 seat configuration, for reference.  This show however was ‘in the round’ and had most sections of the arena open and sold near full capacity.  For the ‘higher than normal’ ticket price for Pullman events ($75), I was impressed by the size of the crowd that showed up.

I have always liked Larry Miller, my favorite role of his being University Dean Phillip Elias in ‘Necessary Roughness’ of course, so him getting added to the show after we had already purchased our tickets was a nice bonus.  It feels like interesting additions to shows rarely happen around these parts, so I got pretty excited when he got announced instead of some local small level comedy troupe.  Larry came on about 10 minutes after the advertised 7:30 show time.  Unfortunately he only got between fifteen and twenty minutes to warm up the crowd.  He did a pretty good job, except I thought it ended way too soon.  He made a run of jokes about eHarmony and compatibility (or lack thereof) with his wife, too many kids getting trophies these days in youth sports, the joys being in the car with his spouse and “backseat driving”, and then ended with a big series of jokes about growing old.  This last bit was several minutes long and described being young and eager to get older, and then going through the decades turning forty, fifty, sixty, and so on all the way to 100+ that finished with almost everyone cheering along.

After a very brief 5 or so minute intermission, the lights again dimmed and Jerry freaking! Seinfeld came out to a loud roar from the audience.  Having been a HUGE fan of his tv show, I was pretty happy to see him booked for this weekend.  The largely female crowd seemed to be laughing at most all of the material as he ran through topic after topic.  I thought maybe Jerry would go for some mom jokes due to the crowd makeup but neither he nor Larry “went there”.  I imagine these guys probably stick to the script pretty hard while out on tour.

Jerry immediately did a few Pullman jokes, including recalling how many times in his life that he has wished to come to our little town to do a gig (“Never”).  I think his set and the crowds reactions both got better as the show went along, as he eventually blitzed through an hour of non-stop humor.  Jerry talked about many things, including raising his three kids, eating at fancy restaurants, and mentioning how everyone is hooked to their telephones and todays modern technology.  He went on to make fun of the little white family stickers people put on the back of cars, the oddness of five hour energy drinks and other funny topics, but it was his segment of the set where he talked about prescription drugs, erectile dysfunction pills in particular, that won over the crowd the most.

Having not been too familiar with Jerrys stand up work, mainly not much other than a few late night TV spots, I was very impressed with how this event went and his command of the stage (having really nice seats helped, of course).  The nights success even made braving going out “on the town” during one of the busiest weekends of the year in Pullman worth it.  I would say it was worth it by a mile.

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Thanks for coming to Pullman Jerry!  Beasley Coliseum, please continue to bring in name acts like this, thank you!


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