Local H w/ Crook and Pony – 04/21/2014

Mercury Lounge – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

Local H

I have an idea: Why don’t you just enjoy the show” says Scott Lucas to one of his biggest fans who happened to be wielding a camera in the front row on Monday night. That lucky fan was this very writer. It’s not surprising at all to spot a dude named Porks sporting a gigantic smile out front Mercury Lounge an hour before doors open for the early show tonight. Sixth time catching Local H, first since 2012. One of those bands that you always see the same folks at the shows. Those people you make friends with eventually and you find each other every time to preach the gospel that is this amazing duo. Parked my spine against the pine a part of the front of the building at roughly 5:15, forty five minutes before doors. Hell you know this guy’s excited, especially after the band dropped a Lorde cover on us earlier this week in video form. Hope we get that tonight. The opening act was doing soundcheck, and tonight’s headliners, Scott and Ryan, walked by me into Mercury Lounge around 5:30. I mumbled “woot woot”, as I’m very awkward in situation involving people I’ve come to idolize. Before you knew it we had ourselves a line and we were on our way in. Same spot as always at Mercury, front row right side. In front of Scott.

Crook And Pony

Opening up tonight’s show is another duo, they’re called Crook and Pony. They’ve got the male/female dynamic going with a tall drink of water on guitar and a dude rocking the drums on the same side of the stage Local H new drummer Ryan Harding will be slamming later. Not sure which one’s Crook and who’s Pony, but they’re 7-8 song set rocked the house for the first half hour of our night. There’s was open skepticism about the band when the first song was slow and low with no drums involved, but right after that the set grew in intensity. I recall a song that had lyrics to the affect of “take my hand / like a drug” and from that point forward we got grittier and grittier til it came to it’s climax, a song called “Silent Twins” Damn, where was this girl when they decided to ruin my favorite band with Lorde at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? I made sure to get a photo of the setlist. Good tunes, good times.

crook and Pony setlist

Tons of people don’t grow up with the gift of being able to perform live music but love live music so much so that they find themselves trying to find ways to be around bands in general; whether that happens to be hitting as many shows as humanly possible, working for one or some capacity, or one might even fancy themselves a writer at a website or two that covers music. I happen to be all of the above, plus the aforementioned huge fan. So when Buffalo Trace kicked off the night, a song I don’t recall ever seeing played live personally, I was beyond aflutter at what this night can bring to the table.

Local H

After that song, everyone in attendance tonight got to hear (and laugh at) Scott Lucas calling out a fan who had a camera in hand, who seems to have not shut his flash off. The person being looked dead in the eyes by Mr. Lucas is yours truly. He goes on to say “We look good in these lights.. you know what I even have an idea, why don’t you enjoy the show?” much to the delight of everyone judging by the roaring cheers from the crowd. And there I was glaring up at him, feeling like someone just told me my cat died or something. What’s the kicker to that you ask? Well, I don’t take pictures at concerts. Ever.

Scott Pissed

This photo above, it is the photo that set off Scott. As clearly seen here, this is NOT taken by me. I’m more off the right. You can guarantee that a flash did not come from me. I record video and obtain the pictures with screen shots. If it ever appears as if it’s a good picture I have taken than it came from sitting up all night going frame by frame through vids until a shot containing some light from another cameras flash happens. If I let off one single flash from my iPhone when they first walked on stage it was accidental. The flash that set him off, the flash that hit him in the face that put him over the edge, happened two dudes down from me, but blinded by the light and annoyed, Scott looked down and took it out on the dude with the camera hanging from his neck.

Local H

The career spanning set that Local H usually delivers took a few delightful detours along the way. The aforementioned Buffalo Trace along with Chicago Phanfair ’93 early in the set really got the crowd wired up for some new set list blood. Mixed in They Saved Reagan’s Brain

one of the standout tracks from the band’s latest effort Hallelujah I’m A Bum between those two cuts and an early set appearance of Eddie Vedder-the man I loathe and the song that I love. You can see in the video that the lighting is spectacular. The One With Kid is a raunchy tune to hear live. It just makes you want all that shit from your ex girlfriends back you left behind. Hands On The Bible and California Songs were strong with the force tonight,

and Taxi Cabs into Another February was a great transition. Then I made a huge mistake.

Local H

As you see scattered though this review, videos of complete darkness. Literally, this place gets darker every time, but at least the sound is very, very good for what it looks like. So I decided beforehand that at least for one song I’m recording with the iPhone camera. Well, the song I decided to do that one was the Lorde cover of Team, which not only doesn’t provide a brighter video, but destroys the sound completely. It’s a disaster on film, but being in the room experiencing it live was epic none the less, but I’m a guy who has a habit of making bad choices.

photo (3)

After a harrowing Fritz’s Corner, Scott mentioned that Local H has a new single coming out (possibly Tues 4/22) but they didn’t play it. They played another new rocking track for us called “One Of Us”. Fitting to play the newbie before you go blow the roof off with your trademark fan favorites

closing the show out with Bound For The Floor straight into What Would You Have Me Do and High Fiving MF. Surprisingly at 8:57 the boys had one more for us, Heavy Metal Bake Sale before we hit the streets of the Lower East Side of Manhattan a tad after 9, walking up to Broadway.

It’s NEVER too early to Rock & Roll.

Partial Setlist(two songs missing):

Buffalo trace

Eddie Vedder

They Saved Reagan’s Brain

Chicago Phanfair 93

The One with kid

Hands On The Bible

California Songs

Taxi Cabs

Another February

Team (Lorde)

Alright, Oh Yeah

Cha! Said The Kitty

Fritz Corner

One Of Us (New song)

Bound For The Floor

What would have me do

High Fivin’ MF

Heavy Metal Bake Sale

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