Snoop Dogg – 4/26/14 Beasley Coliseum, Pullman, WA

Review by Mouph Breaver and thenaturalstoner

Videos by thenaturalstoner

Photos by Phishbeard, thenaturalstoner, Mouph Breaver, Mr. Sparkly


Snoop Dogg

The one and only Snoop D-O-double-G made an appearance very close to home last night. Beasley Coliseum on the campus of Washington State University in Pullman, Washington was the place. The venue was set up to house sixty-five hundred people and I would say that, sadly, it was only about two thirds full by the time old Snoop took the stage at some point around a quarter to ten. The floor (which required a special students only floor ticket which was not sold online) looked particularly sparse, while the arenas lower bowl was full. We took our group of seven up top to Beasleys upper bowl for maximum comfort, as it was barely occupied.

Young rapper Astro kicked off the show and tried his damndest to get the crowd good and pumped, but almost all of us were there for one thing and one thing only. It was a bit of a shame and I felt bad for the little guy and his “backup rapper” that looked a ton like Tyler, the Creator. They put on a good performance that was high energy despite the lackluster crowd participation. I will say that shouting “make some motherfucking noooooooise” after every song is not the best way to get a crowd the appreciate you. It comes off as a bit desperate. Either way, I dug the beats and some of his hooks were catchy enough.

Snoop and DJ Daz made us wait about forty-five minutes before taking the stage and giving us a sixty minute set. Snoop came out in a WSU Cougars sweatshirt and just started spitting rhymes. This surprised me a bit. I expected some early stage banter. The set included plenty of hits, both classic and current and the Beasley got to waving their arms and singing and rapping along throughout all of Mr. Doggy Dogg’s set. Snoop looked great and gave some good advice at the end of the show. I may be paraphrasing, but I believe what he said was “Smoke motherfucking weeeeeeeeeed!”

Beasley Coliseum doesn’t bring an artist of Snoops caliber around very often, so we were excited to get a nice sized group of friends to head up to the Palouse and enjoy the tunes. Highlights of the set included The Next Episode > Nothin’ But a G Thang, Drop it Like It’s Hot and of course the legendary Gin and Juice. The only negative part of the night was an oddly placed I Love Rock and Roll cover (which wasn’t technically a cover but actually just a song that got played over the PA while Snoop traded the traditional “Westside” W for the heavy metal devil horns) that really made no sense amidst all of the other covers played, which included Jump Around, Gangsta Party, and Hypnotize. Snoop said he appreciated the WSU students voting to bring him out to Pullman and would come back any time they asked, which was a fitting way to lead into the last song of the night, Young Wild and Free. An appropriate end to the evening, since almost all in the crowd were 18-22 year old students. Not all hip hop acts can pull it off live, but Snoop sounded nice and loud inside the big arena and we would all definitely make it a point to go back again for sure.

thenaturalstoner is a Northwestern United States concert going human being who enjoys documenting his experiences. These are not always limited to the concert stage. thenaturalstoner likes his WSU Cougar football and collection of wet wipes as well (try ‘em out instead of toilet paper sometime!).
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