Veruca Salt? Back together? What?!?! AWESOME!! When I heard about this tour coming around to my neck of the woods a couple of months ago, I thought to myself: “this is a show that I can’t miss.” Then it slipped my mind with the stress of my second job and the boss saying: “No requests off for July and August.” I had to choose my dates off carefully and unfortunately I need my vacations to survive.

Lets just say that I had to call out of work sick today…concert hangovers are the best!

As Monday night got closer and closer, I kept getting messages from my friend Bob: “Hey don’t forget Veruca Salt on Monday…you have to go…” and almost every day or every other day I got a similar message from him. I told him I usually work Monday nights so I doubt I’d be able to go. Then on Sunday a co-worker said he’d work for me Monday night…there was only one problem…the show was sold out.

“Don’t worry about it! Just go and we’ll find a way in,” Said Bob. Now if any of my other friends had said that to me, I’d tell them no way, I’m just going to work and make money. However, Bob knows people and when he doesn’t, he still has a lucky horseshoe shoved up his ass!

So I met up with him in Columbia and I drove us down to DC…about a 45 minute drive. The show was at the Black Cat…I’ve been there a few times to see my favorite band Local H and I have to say, I hate DC and I really hate the Black Cat. It’s a shit hole! Just look at the floor of the club:


Anyways, we get to the club and as luck would have it, there was a parking lot across form the club open to the public. I pulled in, thinking I had to pay but no one was there to take money. “Fuck it.” I locked my doors and off we went to the other side of the street where a pretty good line had formed. I was confused because the Black Cat is not that big of a club and I wasn’t sure how all those people were going to fit in there. Another sold out show, another crowded room…you’d think I’d be used to that by now but I still hate the sold out shows in little rooms.

We are finding our way to the back of the line, still not sure if I was going to get in. Bob already secured his ticket with the club. As luck would have it we walked by a guy with two tickets in his hand that he was trying to unload. $30 dollars lighter and I had my ticket in!


The first band came on around 8:45 or so, Battleme. I’ve never heard of them but evidently they are from Portland, Oregon. They were a good opener for Veruca Salt and if you plan to catch this tour, definitely get there early and check them out!


As we waited for Veruca Salt to hit the stage I tried remembering when the last time was that I saw them. I know that I saw them once at a local music festival and I also saw them at an arena…Local H actually opened up for them! When their album “Eight Arms to Hold You” came out I was a fan! That album came out…ummm….1997?!?!? Seventeen years ago! Wow! Now I feel old! That’s okay though because most of the crowd there was in their late 20’s, 30’s and probably even 40’s. I did see a few hands with the big black X on them so there were some young ones there too.

Before I get into the review of the show, let me go off on a tiny rant. This is a message to all the ladies who go to shows. Do me a favor….LEAVE YOUR FUCKIN’ PURSES/BAGS AT HOME!! When the show is sold out and you can barely move, I for one don’t enjoy having my space taken up by your freaking purse! I had a chic to my right who kept knocking her big ass purse into me and then a chic in front of me with one of those backpack/bags on her back that kept me from being able to move my arms freely. I understand that as chics, you may have to have some things on you but damn it…that’s what cargo pants with 4 or 5 pockets are for. You are only going to be in the place for a few hours, so leave your luggage at home…please!


Veruca salt hit the stage at about 10:05 and their set ran for about an hour and half. As you can see from their set list, they covered all the classics (or at least what I consider classics): “Volcano Girls”, “David Bowie”, “Straight”, and my personal favorite, “Shutterbug.”



It was the original line-up with Nina Gordon (my favorite, her solo stuff is amazing!), Louise Post, Jim Shapiro (drums), and Steve Lack (bassist). They only thing that has really changed is that they have all aged a bit…but haven’t we all? I have to say that these chics still rock! They did NOT disappoint. Someone yelled from the crowd in between songs: Don’t ever break up again!! Amen to that!



Louise did most of the talking and at one point she stated that her and Nina got over their shit and made up and then they pretty much forced Jim and Steve to get back together with them! Louise and Nina were definitely in sync as the night went on.

They were banging their heads together and at the end of the set, they hugged. As they walked off stage, they walked off arm in arm. I don’t follow drama that goes with bands so I have no idea what they ever fought about and I really don’t care. What I care about is that they made up and are back together!


One thing I will say is that as the night went on Louise’s voice started to sound raspy when she talked and it almost sounded as if she was losing it. But hey, when you growl like she was doing, I guess that’s bound to happen after nights of doing it!



This was one of those shows that I’ll remember for the rest of my life! Not just because the band killed it but also because the crowd gave them so much love. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an audience scream and cheer so loud for a band before.

They only have a few more east coast dates before they head over to Australia but if you can, go see them! It’s a must do! Big thanks to my friend, Bob for making sure I went to this show!



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