Local H 04/24/11

Rock and Roll Hotel – Washington DC

Words/Photos by SluggerA

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I LOVE LOCAL H! I’ve been a huge fan since 1996 and every time they come around, I’m like a little kid at Christmas time.  I count down until the show arrives to my town, well, DC isn’t my town but it’s the closest they come to Maryland. Local H is the only band I will go to DC for. Traffic sucks there and the parking is worse. However, on this particular night, not only did I not get lost going there, or coming home, but I managed to get a killer parking spot, 15 feet away from the club!!

As I walked in the door and got my ticket, I could hardly contain how excited I was. I NEEDED this show after the crappy couple of weeks I’ve had. I went inside, bought my first and only beer for the night, and propped my ass against the bar. Back in the day, I would be right in the front, with all the crazy people, but I’m not so young anymore. I’d rather stand back and enjoy the show!

The first band, “The Dig” went on around 8:30. They were a great opener for Local H and you should check them out! An hour later, Local H hit the stage. All the hits all night is exactly what they played. Surprisingly, they started out with Fritz’s Corner. That shocked me since it’s one of the popular ones! And when they played “High Fiving Mother Fucker,” I remembered why I love them so much. There’s something about their music, their sound, and their feel, that makes me feel alive. When Scott fucks his amp with his guitar, oh man, it makes me wanna loose my mind!  I don’t know why I love it so much. Maybe it’s the way he displays his energy while doing it, the sound, the feel, I dunno…but it makes me wanna just mosh with everyone in the club! It gives me an “alive” feeling. I must say, I hope I die before Local H stops playing for good. A life without live Local H shows, is a life I don’t EVER wanna experience!

I came to the show alone, but when I’m at a Local H show, I don’t “feel” alone. I’m surrounded by people who know what real fuckin’ music is! Standing back, you can see what’s going on in the crowd and one thing that I really found interesting is what I saw when they started playing “Bound For The Floor.” That’s an old song, probably the first song we all heard from Local H. I’m sure Scott and even Brian are tired of playing it, but they kinda have to. What I noticed though, were the guys in the crowd, who were there with their buddies, put their arms around each other and sing the words at the top of their lungs. I realized, they were doing the same thing I was, remembering where they were the first time they heard that song. What they were doing. I remember…I was at a local music festival and it was the first time I ever saw Local H or even heard of them. Just happened to check their set…and when they played “Bound For The Floor,” I was a fan for life. I remember me and my boyfriend at the time, walking out of that show, singing that song as we walked to our car.

And it never fails, going to see Local H in DC, pretty much the same time every year, I see some of the same people. The one guy that I’ve talked to a couple of times, but he probably doesn’t even remember me. The one guy who I hung out with outside of Record and Tape Traders the time Scott and Brian were doing an in-store signing, and this guy was playing Local H songs on his guitar in the parking lot. I got video of it. He was there last night. Doubt he even remembers me. And the tall dorky guy with glasses who’s at every show. Pretty sure I’ve talked to him before. Why do I remember these people, when they more than likely don’t remember me? Because I’m a fan! I don’t just take in the band, and the music, I take in the people. It gives me a certain “high” that only Local H can!

I started seeing Local H when I was 18. I’m now 32! They have been through it all with me. Their music has helped me though some rough times…and helped me party during the good times! My break up with my boyfiend a couple of months ago, can ya guess what I was playing?? Yup, the 12 angry months cd!

After they played, everyone rushed the merch. table to buy shit and meet Scott. I was standing in line next to these little girls. Well, not little, maybe 19 or so, but little to me. And one of them looked up at me, a drumstick clinched in her hand, and I saw myself in her when I was that age. Holding that drumstick, wanting to get that signature. She said something to me about I can go first coz I was there first, and I told her no worries, and she looked up at me and said, “I like your tattoos…blah blah blah…I’m sorry if I’m annoying you.” I smiled and told her she was fine and she finally left me alone. She wasn’t annoying me, it was like I was looking at myself years ago. It was awesome! And of course, she went ahead of me and her and her little friend took forever! Lol…it was cute though. And when Scott FINALLY got to me, I accidently said, “Finally!” Lol..he was like, “did you say finally?” Ooopps..I didn’t mean it like that…lol. I meant that the little kids were finally done drooling and taking up so much time. I just wanted to buy my shirt from that sexy mother fucker (referring to Scott) and go home! He said he felt like a bar tender..lol..some douch bag next to me said I should try showing some more cleavage and maybe Scott would have gotten to me sooner. As Scott said, “No,” I also said, “No, I’m not like that…” I bought my shirt, told Scott, “thank you for being so great.” He said, “Thanks for coming out to the show,” and I left, with Local H shirt #15 in my hand! Yes, I counted when I got home. I have 15 Local H t-shirts AND two hoodies!

I dunno, when I see Local H, it almost feels as if they are singing songs about my life. I relate to so much of what they are singing about, the attitude, and just the love of that music. Hmmm….and I will be on a high for the next week. I wish they would come around more then just once a year. I have so many memories, like seeing them twice in one week and getting to sing “All the kids” with Scott both times! Luck that was! When I hear the song “Mayonnaise and Malaise” I think about the time I worked at Blimpie Subs and wanted to kill the next customer who walked through the door! Shit like that, it makes me happy!

I’ve never really felt like I belonged anywhere. I don’t fit in with people, and I always feel like an outsider, but when I’m at a Local H show…it’s the only time shit makes sense….and with that being said, the new song they played was awesome and I can’t wait for the new record to come out…so I can put some new memories with it!

Thanks again Scott and Brian for being the awesome musicans you are and making everyone feel alive!

Click here to legally download a copy of this show.

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