It’s know surprise that going to see Powerman 5000 is a tradition, if they are within three or four hours of my house I’m making the drive, and I’m glad I did. It was by far the most interesting show I have ever been too, and the word appreciation comes up again in this review, appreciation for bands that make that effort, make that drive, deal with the shitty venue and as Spider said and I quote “this is a real horror show”, and that it was.

I got there way early as usual, I don’t know how I continually do that, but it’s my style. Powerman wasn’t even there yet, they were running a little late, but made it in plenty of time to get things unloaded and do a sound check. I met up with Spider and Christine Connolly, (who is the lead singer of Knee High Fox, check them out people #bandpromote) who invited me in for the Sound Check. The venue had two of there own sound guys, and Powerman had there sound guy, an hour goes by and they haven’t started the sound check. Spider’s ready to get this started as they had not eaten yet. Finally the sound check starts as they had realized they didn’t have a couple monitors plugged in, so they got it just right, Spider sang a song, and it sounded awesome, until the first local band decided to take the stage.

There were five bands on the bill, two local bands that I can’t remember there names, Sunflower Dead, Hed P.E. & Powerman 5000. According to Spider they would go on at 10:40 which would be 9:40 my time. Let’s just say that didn’t happen. Doors open, and the first local band gets there equipment set up, and we wait. Almost two hours later they finally decide that the “sound” is sufficient and they let them play four songs, because of the time factor. I’m tweeting  to let Powerman know this show hasn’t started yet, it’s almost 10pm and it hasn’t started. The second band got through there set alright, but was also cut short due to time.



Sunflower Dead was up next, and I’m a new fan, they were awesome. We could have not had the two opening bands and went straight to Sunflower Dead, they are a metal band from California, that have an accordion, and stage presence, but by dang it they can play music. The lead singer did yell at the sound guy, rightfully so as he wanted his microphone turned up and they did manage to get that taken care of. Overall Sunflower Dead did a good job, they played their version of “Every Breath You Take”, along with several songs from there album entitled “Sunflower Dead” great set by them.



(hed).pe was next and it’s been a good ten years since I seen them, and they took little time to get the crowd going. Continuing in the theme of this entire evening, their sound also has several issues. It was at the point where their sound guy told the venues sound guy to NOT touch anything.  As the feedback in the monitors was just perfect, trust me it took it a while to get there, but they did play new songs and old favorites, from “Killing Time”, “Let’s Ride” to a few new songs off of their new album Evolution that dropped July 22nd of this year.



Finally, Powerman 5000 was next and by the time they took the stage, the crowd had cleared out some, as it was almost midnight Indiana time, and bless his heart, Spider started “Invade, Destroy, Repeat” only to stop the show half way thru the first verse, to voice his opinion and I don’t blame him. He was upset, as the night had turned into one disaster after another with the sound system, they were told to leave it alone and they didn’t, the late start just put the band farther behind in traveling, and he just blew a gasket, which rightfully so, he had a right to. He apologized to the crowd, who had gotten smaller, it wasn’t the bands fault, and I think they knew that, the disaster started well before the opening band. I felt for him as I had seen how the sound check went, they have no control and Spider wanted to make that clear for everyone, and he did. The ones that stayed got an epic rock show, regardless of the fucking sound, Spider and the band put on an kick ass show.



There set list consisted of the favorites, “Bombshell”When Worlds Collide” “Supernova Goes Pop”, “Horror Show” which was fitting,  along with a few news ones off of there NEW album, “Builders of the Future” . Powerman 5000 do indeed have a new CD out, didn’t you know. Builders of the Future is by far one of there best CD’s ever. Spiders thinking of switching up the set list and including more from this CD it is amazing. They sang “Invade, Destroy, Repeat”,We Want it all“, “Your gonna love it, if you like it or not“,  and the single “How to be a Human“. IF you have NOT gotten this CD go get it, it is one of the best records out there.


Centerstage Bar and Grill in Kokomo Indiana is an “ok” venue, the size is worth a sell out, the sound sucks. As a venue, they should have a professional sound guy, if they are going to bring rock bands in there, they should also do more promoting of the show, it was a Friday night,  Kokomo Indiana is only 45 miles away from Indianapolis, if I can drive 4 hours,  folks can drive 45 minutes to see some great bands, just saying.

It was a great show, any Powerman 5000 show is a great show in my book, regardless of “the horror show” that was the sound and, the late start, I go because I love the band, and been a fan for years. Couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing on a Friday night.



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