What can I say, a show to end my vacation and birthday week made complete. One of my favorite bands in the whole world, Powerman 5000 playing a show in the exact same venue that Dimebag Darrell was shot at years ago. I remember that time back in 2004, as I was working at night and was active on Facebook and of course in the concert scene at the time, and just remember being in shock, and knowing that going to a concert would change from there on out.

So, it seems fitting to start my review, with a photo.. as this was on the door of the Alrosa Villa last night before entering.



Although the sign was sort of generic, the tribute was there. Even though it’s been ten years, things have changed some, and bigger security guards and a patio was added it seems, but still it was an interesting venue for sure.


There were five bands again on a three band bill. Filter dealt with this issue as well, but I wasn’t there to see the first two local opening acts, granted one of them was good, the other was not. Ohio has “interesting” people that attend concerts, and for the second opening band, they seemed to bring out the crazies. Let’s just say, “troll doll hair” and “boobs” were making an appearance, seriously… if you can picture the troll doll, and a set of tits, you know what I’m talking about. UN-freaking real.


Needless to say, I was ready for Sunflower Dead to take the stage, these guys put on a great performance. They sound awesome live, they rock, get the crowd going and provide the “weirdness” as Micheal the lead singer says, every night. They are from California, and this is the second time I’ve seen them, and hopefully not the last. I was lucky enough to talk to Micheal a little bit, and meet the bassist who was as sweet as he could be, he wondered why I didn’t keep the bubble blowing gun he gave me from stage, I didn’t need a bubble blowing gun, please. I returned it. We chatted a bit, and I got a photo, they really do put on a great show. And, I’m glad I  got to see them and become a fan of their music, they do, do an amazing remake of the “Police’s” song “Every Breath you Take”, it’s extremely awesome, along with their new single and video that is out for “Wasted”. Micheal plays an accordion at the beginning and during their set, and I think they need to play on a bigger stage to get the full effect of their show. Amazing performance from these guys, even though it was hot as hell, they managed to keep the “weirdness” cool as can be.


Powerman 5000 had decided to go on before hed(pe) and I was so thankful as it was so hot in the place, and didn’t know if we, my friend Halleigh and I were going to make it, and I’m glad Spider made the decision as he told me afterward, “he was hurting”. They stared promptly at 9:45pm. And let me just say, this was by FAR the most epic show. The Alrosa Villa had hired a new sound guy from what I heard before the show, and he made them sound AWESOME. In fact the guy at the door said, he could make anything sound better, that’s how good he was. Spider sounded amazing, the guitars from Nick and Richard were spot on, Gustavo’s bass and Rattan on the drums all worked together perfectly. They opened up with “Invade, Destroy, Repeat”, which is one of my favorites, off of their new CD, “Builders of the Future” people you should really purchase this CD I’m just saying. He also played “Show me what you got” and “Super Villian”  from their last CD, “Somewhere on the other side of nowhere” that was released in 2009, if you don’t have that CD, go purchase it as well.  Seriously if you haven’t realized this by now, I love these guys. I’ve been a fan for well over 14 years, and every time Spider does an album, it’s one of their best albums ever in my eyes, they put on a action packed show, granted the heat took it’s toll on Spider a few times, but he has so much energy, you can’t help but move along with him, and I usually do. This was the next to last show, and he said he was going to pretend “this was the last show”, as it would probably be better then the last one, personally I think it’s because I was there, but every show is a good show when I’m there, regardless if it’s 150 people or 1000.

The set list consisted of:

  • Invade, Destroy, Repeat
  • Super Villian
  • Nobody’s Real
  • Show me what you’ve got
  • Hey, that’s right
  • How to be a Human
  • We want it all
  • Your gonna love it if you like it or not
  • Horror Show
  • An Eye is upon you
  • Bombshell
  • When Worlds Collide

I can’t remember if he did “Supernova goes Pop”, I think he might have cut that one out, but epic show, none the less. I did manage to get a video of “Bombshell” as he invited the drummer from hed(pe) on stage with them, he said “Trauma” has been giving me a hard time all tour, so he invited him up on stage to perform Bombshell and what a performance it was.

Spider and the band put on an awesome show at the Alrosa Villa, despite the heat it was by far one of the best this year. Spider and the band, were heading home after one more show, which they had in Ohio again on Sunday and getting a much needed rest from the whirlwind month of August touring on the road with hed(pe). They rest up for a couple months, and I believe they are playing Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare a few times, and then head back out with Wayne Static for a co-headlining tour for the 15th Anniversary of Wisconsin Death Trip in November, and bringing America Head Charge along. I have already purchased tickets for two dates, Joliet, IL, and Fort Wayne, IN so I’m ready for November to get here.

The Alrosa Villa in Columbus Ohio, was basically a tin building, not very big, small stage. It’s hard to picture someone coming in there and shooting someone, but they did 10 years ago, there was no memories of it except what was on the door, which I posted at the beginning. I would go back to the place, they do need more air circulation, but overall amazing acoustics and a good little venue none the less. I left right after Powerman 5000 finished, as I had seen hed(pe) and the crowd was ready for them. Glad I made the trek, as I will always make the trek for Powerman whenever they come near me, love em so.



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