Legendary ex-Misfits axeman, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, went out on your with his band, Doyle. After a few attempts at touring, it was finally able to happen and Doyle went out on tour to support his newest album, Abominator. This madness took place at the legendary Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, Ca on September 3rd, 2014.


There were 6 opening bands for this night and by the time I got there, the third band was getting setup. Sadly, none of the opening bands left any kind of impression. Only one band I thought was decent enough that looked and sounded punk for a headlining band like Doyle was Dead Girl Corporations. At least they were entertaining to watch. All the other bands just seemed to be there and nothing more. Even the crowd looked uninterested as they stood there and watched and I swear they stood still to where I thought the people were just cardboard cut-outs. The thought of waiting 3 hours and seeing 4 opening bands was torturing to me. Then came the final opening band called Ashylus from Seattle, Wa. I thought with them being the last opening band that they’d at least make up for the other opening bands and finally get the mosh pits going. Turns out they weren’t any different. They had more of a hardcore sound to their music which I knew as soon as I recognized the style of music, I knew what to expect. They had breakdowns here and there which got old and annoying real quick which these types of bands are notorious for. The singer screamed the whole time which I had no idea what he was saying. They had 3 of the members as backup singers which didn’t make a difference since they also screamed and didn’t understand a word they said and they only sang a single line every now and then. On top of that, they sounded exactly like the singer so you wouldn’t think they were backup singers unless you were actually watching them. As to why they couldn’t just make 1 member a backup singer instead of 3 is beyond me.

Finally at 11:50pm, the beast himself, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, made his way to the stage to give the performance that everyone had been waiting for all night. Their setlist was impressive ¬†with an array of different songs ranging from classic Misfits songs to newer material from their Abominator album. When they opened with the song, Abominator, I was expecting the floor to finally come alive. It turns out it didn’t and I had lost hope for seeing any kind of mosh pit action. It wasn’t until the 3rd song, Valley of Shadows, that the floor finally came to life as people started shoving and slamming into each other and I finally felt at home at a concert. Their setlist stayed at a nice pace and kept everyone entertained whether you were a Misfits fan, Doyle fan, or both. Watching Doyle stomp around while doing a guitar riff and slamming his hand into the strings to play his guitar is always entertaining to watch. ¬†Some of the classic Misfits songs included: Violent World, Devil’s Whorehouse, Where Eagles Dare Green Hell, and Last Caress. Doyle rocked the Whisky a Go Go. All the members did an awesome job entertaining the crowd. Surprisingly there was only one crowd surfer I saw, but one crowd surfer is better than none. Seeing Doyle was an awesome experience. Seeing an icon like hi on stage is something to witness personally.


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