Kasabian – 09/27/2014

Terminal 5 -New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks


On this seasonably warm Saturday evening New York City is lucky enough to be graced with the presence of Kasabian tonight in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan. Back in March 2012 the band was here in this very venue and the night was almost as magical as Derek Jeter’s final home game. Tonight we’re hoping for some of the same, as we’ll be 3,000 deep in the sold out Terminal 5. Bo Ningen is the opening act and the doors are set to open at 7PM.

Bo Ningen

When Bo Ningen walked out on stage there was some snickering and confusion around the area I was seated on the third floor, especially when the lead singer told the New York City crowd that the band (all of Asian decent) was from London and originally from Japan. Once this band broke into their first song nothing at all was funny anymore. They ROCKED. Songs were long and jam filled. Who knows if the lyrics were even in English let alone if I knew what the set list contained. I understood two things; First off,  they were really gracious and kept thanking us for coming out early. Two: The intensity of the rock that they played (which I look up later to be known as ‘acid rock. Which makes sense) made me get into it. And yes them not being your traditional  Bud Light American band of the month didn’t hurt at all. They rocked it til 8:30. Who the heck knew? Bo freakin’ Ningen.

Kasabian 3

At 9:05 this place was about to burst awaiting the Kasabian to hit the stage. It’s odd because I’ve spent the better part of two years mentioning this band to everyone who asks me about music I’m currently listening to (you can only go to the 90s well a certain amount of times before people stop talking to you) and I’ve found maybe a handful of folks who’ve heard of them. Yet here tonight in Hell’s Kitchen of all places at a venue where I’ve heard several concert goers in the past complain about sound and sightlines we’ve got a full house of adoring fans of a band that barely comes to this country. Is there an after party? The band hit the stage before 9:10, kicking the night off with a track off the new record 48:13 . The song is called ‘Bumblebee’.

There are times where you go see a favorite band who’ve recently put out a new record and they shove it down your throat the next time you see them live. Filling you with that “new car smell’ as I say. Tonight this was not the case as Kasabian seemed to hit every person in the building g-spot at some point during the evening. I keep turning towards the crowd because those kids are going bananas. They’re having so much fun and really, is that the point of all this?

Tom Kasabian 2

It’s hard to call a 16 song set ‘career-spanning’, but band followed Bumblebee with Shoot The Runner and Underdog before hitting us with another new one Stevie, which rocked way harder than it did for me when I sat down and listened to the record recently. Sometimes it’s just better live.  Days Are Forgotten preceded another track off 48:13 Eez-Uh,

followed by an oldie: Processed Beats. These guys are kicking my ass. I wanted to tweet some stuff during the set but I was firmly set with one goal in mind: Record This Entire Fucking Set. So when The Doberman went right into Take Aim right into Club Foot-I shot that.

When possibly my favorite track from this band Re-Wired got played before Treat and Empire-I shot that. And when the crazyiness of Fire ensued-well, you get the point. Jeez it was so hectic up in there when the band ducked off at 10:15. How does this band not headline festivals in THIS side of the pond? (Not counting once at Coachella)

Serge Kasabian

If anything is obvious here tonight it’s the on stage bromance that Serge and Tom have going on is nothing short of BFF status. After more than a few songs Tom walks over and slaps Serge, who sports a raccoon’s tail hanging from his ass a five. Mailing it in is something this band isn’t about. Maybe that’s why the one cool Beatle left digs them. Serge and (if Wiki has it right) Tim are having a little guitar noise circus over here far left side of the stage, or right below from my point of view. The encore consisted of Switchblade Smiles, Vlad The Impaler and L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever). Before L.S.F., we got into a few minutes of a cover of Fatboy Slim’s Praise You.

That was a fun thing to throw in.

Tom Kasabian

There was a keyboard/noise box thing near Serge and he’d go over and jam out on it on occasion and dance mid stage. At the end of L.S.F. Tom sings the chorus to

All You Nee Is Love and just like that in a blink of a eye Kasabian had once again conquered Terminal 5.. and it was over.

Kasabian 5

If you needed anymore proof that Americans are stupid it’s the fact that this band hasn’t “hit it big” here like they have back home. Now all 3,000+ of us in that building tonight are sitting asking the same question we asked two years ago: Will they ever come back? Even if the answer to that ends up being ‘No’, it’s good to know that I’ve been able to rock with them twice. If you’re viewing this and there’s only two videos up congrats, you showed up early. Every song from the evening is being uploading as I type and as you read and will be added as they publish. Until next time folks, thanks for having me.

kasabian 6


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