I love it when I go to see other bands and walk away being a fan of the opening band, and that’s just what happened with Miggs. I first heard Miggs when they opened up for Scott Weiland a couple years ago, and was hooked. They have since opened up for Candlebox, and done several headlining tours across the Midwest, I’m glad I was able to catch them in Indianapolis for the second time this year, even though this was my fourth time seeing them play it was an awesome show.

Miggs are a band from California, and consists of (lead singer) Don Miggs, (guitarist) John Luzzi, (bassists) Mike Lombardo, and (drummer) Walker Adams. They have released five albums total and are in the process of releasing their sixth studio album here in 2015. The Miggs are a great live band, they put on an amazing show, and I’m glad I was able to get some videos, photos, and listen to live music.

They had brought along Terry McDermott for this run, who was a contestant on the Voice and is from Scotland. He was the runner up in the third season of the show the Voice. I had never heard nor seen this man sing, but he can sing and Miggs did an amazing job backing him up, it was two hours full of non stop music.

Terry was up first with John from Miggs serving as acoustic guitar duties, they sang a couple acoustic songs, before Don joined in to lend another guitar to the mix. Terry did an acoustic cover of Foreigners – I wanna know what love is, it was amazing. I managed to get a video of that, pay no mind to me saying (I hate women) as you can see why in the video, but that’s beside the point, I did manage to capture it just fine. Terry played fifteen or twenty minutes of music before Miggs joined him on stage to start their set.

Here is the video of Terry McDermott singing Foreigner – I wanna know what love is:


Terry did an amazing job, with Miggs singing his set and helping them open up theirs, he truly does have a great voice, with a hint of Scottish accent, overall great performance by Terry, I don’t watch the Voice so this was my first time seeing him live.

Miggs was up next.




They played a mixture of old and new songs, from Home which I have on video, to The Drifter, Wayward Son, Passing Through (which is on video), Pretty, Be Good to Yourself, Let the Games Begin and Walls Come down their new single that was released a few weeks ago. Their new CD will be out next year sometime.


Miggs – Be Good to Yourself.


Miggs – Home with a little Unchained Melody thrown in, and I want to say Purple Rain guitar solo from John.

Miggs – Passing Through, one of my favorites off the new CD coming out.

Miggs – Let the Games Begin, with a little Led Zepplin at the end, and help from Terry McDermott added in, this song jump started Lindsey Lohan’s career.


Miggs closed with Walls Come Down, as it’s their new single, and I honestly can’t wait for this CD to come out. I love all the songs that they have sang off of it, and they just put on an amazing performance at the Rathskeller Saturday night, it was in the Beirgartan and the acoustics are amazing, they sounded fabulous. BEST show I’ve seen at the Rathskeller, besides, my other two bands that sound fabulous there as well. Miggs and Terry did an outstanding job, if you get a chance go see both, they will not disappoint.

Miggs are taking a little break from touring and heading home to family, hopefully they will hit the road again after their album release or before, either way I’ll make the trip to watch them live again for sure.



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