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What can you say about a personal concert for 750 people in a small venue downtown St. Louis. Weezer who seemed to just fly in right before the show, put on an amazing concert. The acoustics where fabulous in fact Rivers said it didn’t sound like 750 people it sounded like 20,000 and he was right, what a night for a Weezer fans that attended.

This wasn’t a scheduled tour date by know means, it was a charity event, put on by Rungevity – The Quinn Family Foundation and all the proceeds from the ticket sales went to several charities, so overall it was a sold out successful charity event.

Sleeper Agent was the opening act for Weezer and they took the stage at 7pm, they are a band from Kentucky and this was my first time hearing them, they were pretty good, fast pace punk music, but overall put on a good forty minute performance.

Weezer 33

Weezer took the stage around 8:30 or so, as they must have just flown in for the show. Rivers literally had to tweek his entire set up, from making sure the mics were correct, to placing song lyrics and sheets on the trunk directly in front of him, he made sure everything was meticulously in place, before they took the stage.



Weezer opened with “Ain’t got nobody” off of their recently released CD “Everything will be alright in the end” which was released October 7th, of this year. They quickly transitioned to “Hash Pipe” and “Perfect Situation”, with the crowd singing along word for word.


Weezer decided to do a few songs of off the new CD, and Rivers announced they were going to do two “I’ve had it up to here” and “The British are coming” which I gladly video tapped.

 forgot dudes name


Then they went into “Island’s in the Sun”, “Beverly Hills” and “Dope Nose” which Scott Shriner sang, and Rivers made his way over to me, so I could grab this amazing yet stunning so close it could be a selfie shot.

 Rivers 2

 They continued on with “Say it ain’t so” and “Back to the Shack” which I managed to catch on video:

After their first single off of the new album, “Back to the Shack” they sang the old favorite “Undone – The Sweater Song”, “If You’re Wondering if I want you to, I want you to”, “Eulogy for a Rock Band”, which by the way Rivers said that was the first time they had performed that live, I should have video taped it, but wasn’t able too. But for the first time performing it live, they did an amazing job.


Next was “Pork and Beans”, “The Waste Land” and then a musical set of two songs off of the new album. Rivers said to just listen to their musical playings of those two songs, as I don’t think they had really played them that much live yet. Of course an encore that consisted of “Buddy Holly” and that was videotaped.


Overall and AMAZING performance by Weezer, I’m so glad I was able to get a ticket, the only downside was they had a section right in front of the stage roped off for “VIP” people, which in all honestly looked like high school kids, but being right at the edge of that red rope which was where I parked was well worth it, regardless of the extra money. Everything went to charity, so it was for a good cause.


Plush is a venue located just off of the St. Louis University Campus, and is in a pretty good neighborhood, it’s a two story building that has a stage and huge balcony, in fact Rivers half way through the show just realized their were people up in the balcony. Seriously he’s like “I just realized their is more people up there” so, that showed they just flew in, and got there right before the show started. It’s a great venue and I will go back to it in the future for sure, awesome acoustics all around.


Weezer you are amazing, glad I had the opportunity, the chance and the time to make this special performance, no I didn’t get a selfie with Rivers, but one day, can’t wait until next time.

Rivers 17

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