The Ghost Hunters Tour 2014
The Firebird 10/19/2014 St. Louis, MO
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Right now mc chris is on tour of our fine country and is bringing along a few other rappers I have a massive respect for. Spose, MC Lars and mc chris are midway through a cross country trek hitting almost every city with a zipcode in the continental United States. This tour is packed with talent from start to finish. So get there early, dress up in costume and be ready to nerd out! This past Sunday the tour stopped in St. Louis for a show at The Firebird.

One of my favorite artist of the past few years is my man, Spizzy Spose from Wells, ME. I first heard him on college radio around 2010 in the middle of night driving across state back from another show. The next day I looked him up on youtube and found a lot of tracks that I really liked. Spose has incredible style, down to earth rhymes that tell stories and make you think. He opened his set with ” Gee Willikers ” and went right to his best known song ” I’m Awesome ” which was the song I heard so many years ago on that fateful night in 2010.

I went and saw his headlining tour in 2011 and got to meet the rest of the very talent people that make up Pdank. Pdank is Spose’s record label and features a strong roster of up and coming artist. One of my favorite producer/rappers on Pdank LLC, Jay Caron backed Spose up on hype man and DJ duty. Jay is ultra talented, on the mic, the turntables and his production is killer. Much respect to the whole PDank crew, I wore my Pdank hoodie and a Bullmoose shirt to show some Maine love out here in the midwest.


Spose had about a 30-40 minute set and made the most out of his time. Easily one of the more energetic opening sets I have seen in a long time. Before starting the song ” I’m Starving ” he made everyone get down low telling them ” If you don’t its just gonna be weird for you if you are the only person left standing “.


Before he left the stage he played one of my favorite songs ever ” 03 Altima ” off the Peter Sparker mixtape which you can find in the links below. It is a song about awesome shitty cars that are over a decade old and the daily grind of working dead end jobs. It features a insanely contagious beat and rhymes that easily relate to almost everyone who has drove a beater in their lifetime.

Next act of the evening was MC Lars, the Oakland rapper who is the most positive person on the planet. I first met and saw MC Lars in 2011 while roaming around Warped Tour, I knew nothing about him. I liked his set, bought a CD and poster and been a fan since. He makes addictive, funny, feel good music that is well produced and written. He opened his set with ” Space Game ” and ” True Playa For Real ” which are both fan favorites.


MC Lars is a very creative person I really dig everything about his music and art. His merch is super cool, his CDs sound good and he makes it really hard not to like him. It was very clear a lot of the 300+ people in attendance came out to see Lars. A lot of his shirts, hats and merch were in the crowd. I even wore my Oakland A’s hat to show appreciation for Lars and my love of Bay Area rap.


Midway through his set MC Lars showed off his freestyle skill as he asked the crowd to hold up any random object and proceeded to spit some spontaneous rhymes about the things that were held in front of him. The best part of this was he chose to use the beat for Iggy Azelea’s ” Fancy ” as the beat.


Before ending his set mc chris came out for one of MC Lars last songs. Together they told a few jokes and played ” Roomate From Hell ” from the album ” 21 Concepts But A Hit Aint One “. After Lars set was over I went outside to cool off and catch some air with my lady. We heard a intro for what we thought was mc chris over the PA and headed back inside. The set change time was magically short. Well it was magic because I walked in to see Ethan The Great on stage in mc chris place. He killed it onstage, he did 12 minutes of comedy/magic that had the crowd shouting YOU ARE A WIZARD at him. Ethan is from Columbia, MO and said on social media later that this was one of his first real performances, he could of fooled me. He had a very special stage presence that captured and commanded attention.

e(Photo from mc chris Facebook)

Shortly after lights went low again ” The Ghostbusters ” theme song blared through the speakers as mc chris took the stage. He opened the set with ” mc chris is dead ” from the album by the same name. He followed that by telling the crowd about the newly released album ” mc chris Forevrrr” which features 5 songs about The Ghostbusters. From that album he played ” Where The Ghost At? ” which is about Peter Venkman the Bill Murray character from Ghostbusters.


The song ” Luigi ” which is also from the new album went over awesome, I loved it. ” Luigi ” is all about the video game Luigi’s Mansion. Midshow for some reason about 3 girls chose to go side stage to talk very loudly amongst themselves. mc chris was not feeling it and, that would be a tremendous understatement to say the least. He threatened to have them kicked out and ordered them to the back of the room before he would continue the show. The crowd loved it, mc doesn’t not play that shit at all with his crowd.


mc commanded the stage with nerdcore hit after hit. Before the end of the show it was time for the costume contest. Their were many entries and it was a fierce competition. Characters from movies, comics and video games were all very well represented with both mainstream and obscure characters alike. My favorite from the start was Lady Ash from the Evil Dead series. My lady chose Mr. Sailor Moon for her choice and it was down to the wire between the two.


In the end Lady Ash emerged victorious out of about 15 contestants. Just down the street from this show was Weezer playing a very small club for a charity event. mc chris voiced his opinion on Weezer which was pretty funny and said that he dislikes the new music but still loves their album ” Pinkerton “. After that he lead the crowd on a ” FUCK WEEZER ” chant and told us all he was happy we came out to see him instead. I had the chance and wanted to go see Weezer but, I wanted to go see this show way more. I am glad I did, front to back this was a great show, great bands and a really fun night out for my girl and I. Thanks to everyone that made this night happen.


Update: Spose was robbed the next day in St. Louis, you can find out more and help here:

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