Easily one of the most hated touring acts around, The Insane Clown Posse has been on a cross country tour for the past month. Facebook has been filled with spiteful people saying comments such as ” They still tour” and more hateful comments. The majority of the people who post these kind of comments just can’t figure the whole Insane Clown Posse thing out. ICP as a group are some of the smartest business people in music period. It is a show and they give their audience that each and every tour. They succeed by bringing different setlist, different themes and new merch. You never know what you will see at a clown show and, with the crowd they attract its always something to see.

A lot of struggling bands could learn a lot from ICP if they weren’t ignorant and didn’t waste their time by posting comments such as ” Talentless Hacks ” on facebook. They handle their business very well and are superbly skilled in marketing their brand. Since the early 90s ICP has been solely employed by their music career. They absolutely kill every band in merch sales. I have been going to concerts for 20 years and I believe their only rivals as far as selling more merch would be KISS. You go to ICP shows you see Jersey after Jersey after Jersey, with the ICP Hatchet man charms, hats, bandanas and everything you could imagine piled on top. At some shows I have seen people spend as much as $1000 in front of me on merch alone on just a few jerseys and shirts.

I started seeing ICP 18 years ago and they were touring machines playing my city 4 times in one year. After that at least twice a year for several years thereafter. Each show grew in size the lines started forming earlier and earlier, the fans grew more obsessed with each tour that passed. I was always treated well by both the fans and the band. I remember ICP telling security guards ” fuck off, we pay you ” when the guards said I couldn’t take a picture with the group. Another time a local radio DJ bad mouthed them on air, ICP drove down to the live broadcast and assaulted the man right there. How they treat their fans is a big reflection on how the fans treat them, like a family.

Day of Shockfest I got to Pop’s 10 minutes prior to the 7 p.m show time. I was very excited this was a good bill front to back. I got my spot for one of the newest Psychopathic Records artist Big Hoodoo. Big Hoodoo is what you would expect, he came to the stage with a painted juggalo face addressing the crowd still coming in through the doors as his family. Family a big thing to the Juggalos which is what ICP fans refer to themselves as.


He didn’t have a very long set but, he really connected with the Juggalos in a short time. He had some good lyrics and started the evening nicely. The last song Hoodoo did featured a sample of the ICP track ” Voodoo ” which the Juggalos ate up and loved that track. He said he would be back soon for the Christmas Bash at Pop’s with Anybody Killa in a month. I have been a huge fan of the next act for many years so my excitement was growing more and more each minute.


Nashville, TN native Jelly Roll is a big man and has a even bigger underground following. He is somewhat know for his Mixtapes, Youtube Videos and song features. Over the years he has put out some really great mixtapes, which is how I first started listening to him. I have a lot of love for Tennessee artist and discovered him pretty early on in his ever expanding career.


Jelly puts on a great show and since his appearances at a few of the Gathering Of The Juggalos he was shown a lot of love from the audience. He didn’t play all my favorites but the songs ” Break The Knob Off ” got the crowd moving and ” When I Get Rich ” was a personal favorite of the night for myself. No Hype man just Jelly and the DJ and he put it down. Much respect to Jelly Roll I will see you at your next show, I look forward to seeing a much longer set from him next time. After 30 minutes Jelly said goodnight which made it time for another favorite of mine to hit the stage.

Madchild from Swollen Members was next up on the bill. Words can’t fully described a Madchild show in a review like this. He is something truely to see, Madchild turns into almost a different person giving everything he has to each performance. He has a super cool style, tattoos on his face and razor blade sharp lyrics.


He put on a killer set with some of my favorite songs one after another, ” Monster “, ” Dickhead ” and ” Crazy ” were great to see live. He just kills each performance unlike no one else I have ever seen live his stage presence is just menacing. His music keeps getting better and better the new single ” Jackel ” on youtube is a dope track. Go search that video out and you will be a fan.


He has a new cd out now called ” Switched On ” which is a great album. After several years of not being allowed on U.S soil he recently had his ban from America lifted and is now living in L.A. He said he has stopped drinking and has been focused on creating more art and music. You will be hearing this name over and over so get used to it. I can’t wait to see him back in town.


At this point of the show I could of walked out the door and felt as if I had gotten my moneys worth after the first few openers. There are not many shows touring right now that you could say that about. The next group to the stage I had been a fan of since middle school. They had this crazy vibe about them, people compared them to Marilyn Manson and said they worshiped the devil since they called themselves Triple Six Mafia. Since then they have had a long incredibly successful career in music and in film. Since founding member Juicy J left the group they know are known as Da Mafia Six.


DJ Paul, Crunchy Black and Koopsta Knicca took the stage backed by a DJ with a gopro on a stick. Sadly this was far, far, FAR from the 3 6 that you and I grew up on. They left a lot to be desired with their live show which by saying it was disappointing would be being nice. I am a huge fan of all of their music, side projects and the other artist on their record label.


They played more than 30 minutes of classic Triple Six hits minus all the Juicy J verses. Which as a founding member that is featured on every song left a really huge hole in the whole music catalog. Each song was reduced to one chorus if that and lasted only 2 minutes or less. Every song was followed by the annoying air horn sound that is so heavily used in rap performances these days. What would of made it better would be to focus more on Da Mafia Six songs instead of Triple Six which they couldn’t pull off as well.


With Three Six its not like I do not know what I am talking about either. I have seen Three Six Mafia over 6 times live at festivals, clubs and various places in many different forms. Only once did I see the entire group on stage and that was 2001 opening for ICP in Ohio. After their set wasn’t any better I went to talk to them and they were the rudest group I have ever encountered. DJ Paul said to me I won’t talk to you unless you buy something, after buying gas and tickets I was broke. I kept thinking that throughout the years I have purchased over 10 CDs, 3 dvds and tickets to 6 other concerts and that counted for nothing. It was pretty easy to see why Juicy J has sought greener pastures in music.


Next up was the group Mushroomhead which hails from Cleveland, Ohio. They wear mask and kick a lot of ass with their awesome live show and crushing metal sound. Sadly I didn’t not get to enjoy this set as much as I would of like to of because I was told during this time a dear friend of mine had passed away recently. We normally bump into each other at shows like this and when I didn’t see him this time our mutual friend told me he had passed away in August. I was super bummed when I heard that, kind of put a damper on otherwise a stellar night.


They put on a great show and played the majority of it under blacklights. I enjoyed what I heard but I couldn’t pay attention as my friend who passed filled most of my thoughts. I had been going to see shows with him since 2000 and we shared a lot of great times together. Take time to value your friends and try to take a lot of pictures and create great memories. Sadly this life is not promised so make the most of every moment today R.I.P Big Matt Thomas I know you are rocking out somewhere.

Next up was the infamous Insane Clown Posse, I started going to their shows when I was 15 years old. The music was funny to my young mind, the merch was incredible cool and their shows were unlike anything I could imagine. Pure craziness ensued every time they came to town. When I was growing up I went to a lot of metal shows, the same crowd would turn out for ICP. I formed a lot of friendships that have lasted to this day from this shows and I always have had a great time. Lights went out and the creepy clown intro boomed at maximum volume from the house speakers. The most security I have ever seen at a show took their positions in front of the rail.


The Juggalos went crazy as Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J hit the stage. They kicked off the lengthy career spanning set with ” Night Of The Chainsaw ” almost right away the smell of Cola and Rootbeer filled the large venue that is Pops Concert and Nightclub.


Over 200 2-liters of the Detroit brand soda would fly into the crowd over the next 70 minutes and the crowd couldn’t get enough. They fought and clawed their way to the front of the stage to get closer to the Faygo shower. You could see the pushing and waving of the crowd from the back of the room through the first few songs.


They did a great job of mixing up their set with a little from each of their many albums. The song ” Chicken Hunting ” was performed pretty early on in the set and is always a fan favorite. The Juggalos were having a blast, I was too. Every 15 minutes or so several extra clowns would come out to the stage with buckets filled with Faygo just in case there was someone left dry in the first 10 rows or so.


People were soaked head to tow within the first 5 songs and ICP played a very lengthy setlist. The song ” Terrible ” off The Amazing Jeckel Bros. was a nice surprise addition to the setlist for me. It Reminded me of going to shows of theirs in 99′ or so.


If you thought I stood in the back the whole night you would be wrong, after 6 or 12 drinks my buddy Chris whom I has been my clown partner in crime since way back got me and we hit the crowd. Only took a song or so and we were feet from the barricade. Some girl that was four foot nothing followed us through the crowd and we did our best to make sure she wasn’t crushed or mauled.


We stayed up front till the end of the show which is known to Juggalos as Faygo armageddon. Which means whatever number of the 200 sodas they brought for the show gets tossed into the crowd. To help with this they enlisted Da Mafia Six to come back and help hose us down. Faygo after Faygo flew in every direction, off lights, off peoples heads, everywhere.


Overall front to back, this was a killer show I am super happy I went. This tour is winding down and ends on Halloween in their ICP’s hometown of Detroit, they impressed me once again with a great concert. Thank you to Pops Concert and Nightclub, Thank you to Psychopathic Records, all the Juggalos and fans in attendance and YOU!

Till next time’


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