Meat Puppets & Cass McCombs – 10/31/2014

Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

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Ladies and Gentleman welcome to one of the newer venues to hit the Tri-state area: Rough Trade Records in Williamsburg.

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And here I thought we were headed to some basement shack with 6 foot ceilings and a stack of 50 records that the band stands on and plays. Absolutely not. New York City now has it’s Amoeba, it’s Vintage Vinyl . If only the stage was located inside this extremely well lit, supermarket style record store but alas, open a door in the back and find yourself a real life rock venue. Long bar running along the left side with a very  roomy standing room section and a 2nd floor wrapping around up top. Towards the end of the night I found myself thinking I would have been more comfortable had I opted for downstairs, but when given the chance I always get as high as I can. Heck, this place would be an awesome venue if it wasn’t in a record store! Also awesome that  it’s owned by Bowery Presents (as opposed to Livenation). This fact was apparent when I found myself being treated like a human being by event staffers. Interesting.

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At 9:20 Cass McCombs took the stage with his band to kick this night off. On tour with the Meat Puppets, one thing that can be promised is that they’re going to bring the weird. And that’s exactly what they did playing over an hour of jams, both slow folky and wild crazy tunes melded perfectly to thaw out the chilly Brooklyn crowd. Was making my way around the venue for the perfect spot during the set. Felt like every corner I enter these dudes were exploring a new sound, extending another song into the Halloween night. With 10:30 coming up, it’s only normal to look at your phone and wonder how many songs are left. (This writer has a LONG trip home!) Then Cass tells Rough Trade that this is there last song and broke into… The Unforgiven! Place went nuts. Where’d this come from? I’ve got video of most of the song below. The videos tonight will be a recurring theme of me trying to compensate for yet another dimly lit venue. At least from up top anyway. Cass McCombs headlines Rough Trade November 1st and is currently on tour with the Meat Puppets. Check them out.

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Almost 11 and here come The almighty Meat Puppets starting the night with the familiar instrumental Seal Whales. A fierce Coming’ Down preceded The Monkey and The Snake before Plateau and Touchdown King got the place jumping.

Touchdown King isn’t even my ‘go-to’ Meat Puppets track but every time I’ve seen them do it, in the double digit amount of times they’ve always had some new wrinkle to add in. It’s gone way longer than the 5 1/2 minutes it went tonight but the Halloween 2014 edition is one for the ages.

Meat Puppets Halloween 2


Then, premiered in St. Louis a few shows back, it was time for us to get Seven Spanish Angels live. A Willie Nelson/Ray Charles cover, it’s a new addition to the set list. And it’s incredible.

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Oh, Me brought the room more alive than ever  and tonight’s epic  Up On The Sun (the video above being the only video in these set that wasn’t shot by yours truly) kicked things into an even higher gear.  Then Confusion Fog was busted out?! You guys trying to make me wet myself up here?

See the Meat Puppets have a set of songs that they will play written down on a sheet of paper throughout a tour, but they don’t play all of them on a said night. Confusion Fog is always on there,  but if I’ve seen it live before it hasn’t been for a while. I let out a “Oh shit Confusion Fog?!” as it began. Awesome sauce.

I just got an idea and I’ll do this completely for free. We need a music video to accompany the greatness that is Waiting-really one of the stand out tracks from Rat Farm (they all stand out, but that’s the one Jambase likes). Someone needs to take video of me during the day waiting on tables (living the dream of serving food) and cut it up and make a Waiting music video. Or you can click play above. Either one works.

Cathy’s Clown when straight into Lake Of Fire tonight. Cathy’s Clown serves as the B-Side to the Meat Puppets split 7 in w/ Cass McCombs, the A-Side being Hey Baby Que Paso (which we got earlier during an unplanned emptying of the bladder) and Elmo sings lead vocals on it. Both live and on the record. Rad. Elmo, shreds far left on stage sporting his new Jack White-esque hair do. Folks chanted his name all night. After Lake Of Fire it was Sloop John B to close out the night. It’s a good going home song, as the chorus is “I wanna go home”.

The boys came back out as we’re nearing 1Am here. Aurora Borealis! Our third instrumental jam of the evening. With guitar tones like these, who ever really needs words?

For folks wondering where Backwater is never fear, it was up next and ended my Halloween at Rough Trade Records.

Setlist: Seal Whales, Comin’ Down, Monkey And The Snake, Plateau, Touchown King, Seven Spanish Angels (Willie Nelson), Oh, Me, Hey Baby Que Paso(Texas Tornadoes).Up On The Sun, Sam. Confusion Fog, Lost, Waiting, I’m A Mindless Idiot, Open Wide, Cathy’s Clown(Everly Brothers), Lake Of Fire, Sloop John B (Beach Boys).

Encore: Aurora Borealis, Backwater


Great Freaking Times. Should have grabbed an angle where the lighting worked better with my camera, hence the lack of many photos. Still some undeniably solid video though.

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