The intergalactic scumdogs of the universe known as Gwar made their way to the House of Blues in Hollywood on November 6th, 2014. After the passing of original frontman Oderus Urungus, the future of Gwar was questioned. With people thinking it was the end for Gwar, Gwar announced at their recent Gwar-b-que that they got not 1, but 2 new singers being Blothar and Vulvatron. This was my first time seeing Gwar and I had heard about their theatric and bloody shows so I couldn’t wait to see this for myself.




Gwar is best known for using a lot of fake blood and it was no surprise seeing a lot of fans wearing plain white shirts as an effort to get them soaked in the fake blood as a memento of the show they went to. Gwar’s shows are also very theatric and almost felt like a play. In this case, the play was that the late Oderus Urungus wasn’t dead, but rather missing. So Gwar had a “time machine” on stage and when they opened with Fly Now, it opened a portal to reveal what appeared to be Oderus Urungus trapped in a portal but still providing the vocals for the song. Gwar wasted no time in squirting fans with blood. As soon as the song starts, Bonesnapper brings out a mannequin wearing a security shirt and decapitates it and squirts out blood like a squirt gun. As soon as that happened, the crowd went into a frenzy as they scrambled to get blood all over them. Throughout the night, Gwar played out their act as they searched for their leader Oderus Urungus stopping after songs to ask “where’s Oderus?”. Gwar would activate the time machine and different creatures would pop out during songs. Things like a tall creature with tits all over and even a space penis that was apparently ripped off from Oderus himself in an attempt to bring him out of the time machine. Being the only female in the band and newest recruit, Vulvatron brought her own surprises.


During I, Bonesnapper, Vulvatron proceeded to show us what she was packing by squirting blood from her tits! The fans definitely enjoyed that part as did I. Towards the end of the show, Gwar brought out Oderus’ giant sword and put it up against the stage and kneeled down before it as a tribute to their fallen scumdog. For the end of the show, Gwar did a cover of the Pet Shop BoysWest  End Girls and blended it with a cover of The Jim Carroll Band’s People Who Died except changed the words to say “Oderus died, died!”. Gwar is a one of a kind experience that will leave you in shock wondering what the hell you just watched but at the same time will leave with satisfaction and an urge to jump in and get soaked in fake blood. Hail Oderus!

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