The weekend before this show took place, their was a tragedy in the rock world. Wayne Static passed away in his sleep. The news broke on Facebook as usual by another friend of mine that is in a band, and for a good two hours speculation swirled whether he was dead or not, but the person that posted the information new him well, and after a couple hours, official word got out that yes, Wayne Static had passed away, November 1, 2014 he was found by his wife in his bed.

RIP: Wayne Static:


This tour was suppose to be Wayne Static with Powerman 5000 co-headlining along with American Head Charge, and Wolfborne, it was to be a reunion of sort for both Wayne and Spider as they hadn’t seen each other on tour since the earlier years of their careers, so the fact that his passing happened the day before they were to leave, the tour was up in the air. The weekend was meant by mixed emotions, I didn’t know whether to feel sad or angry at the fact that, because of a death, this tour might not happen. I am a huge Powerman 5000 fan and felt selfish wanting him to continue the tour, but wouldn’t any fan feel that way.

It was announced Monday by Spider that the tour would indeed go on, in memory of Wayne as he would want it that way, and so the trek across the states started, and the trip to Fort Wayne was made.


In appreciation for Spider doing the tour and for the holiday’s I took them a couple pumpkin pies, and to my surprise got played my favorite song off of their current CD “Builders of the Future”. “I can’t fucking hear you” I was so stoked, my night was made, even told it was for me from stage, Spider is like a big brother to me, he always has been. I’ve aged with his music as he continues to just keep going, band members come and go, but Spider stays consistent, perhaps that’s why I love him so, he just keeps doing what he loves, regardless of the outcome, he rocks every night, and I rock out every time I see them, there is never a bad show in my book.


Powerman took the stage and opened up with “SuperVillian” and went right on into “Invade, Destroy, Repeat”, personally they could play every song off of every CD and I would be happy, I think the fans need to BUY the new CD and then they would be prepared for what they play. The Set list consisted of:

  • Super Villian
  • Invade Destroy Repeat
  • Nobody’s Real
  • Hey That’s Right
  • How to be a Human
  • You’re Gonna Love it
  • Horror Show
  • I can’t fucking hear you
  • Bombshell
  • We Want it All
  • Supernova
  • Worlds Collide

Spider likes to talk, I like to hear him talk, he tells little stories and relayed how the tour was up in the air with Wayne’s passing, and he just get’s personal. The crowd really wasn’t into it, so he decided to have a chat with himself, as he had asked the other bands how the crowd was, I think that worked. Although I was next to, two people that didn’t MOVE, still I believe most where their for Static X, but Powerman might have won them over.



American Head Charge was also on this tour and what a performance they had. This was my first time seeing them live, and they were awesome, seriously. Despite the lead singer just waking up, he commanded the stage and several shots of jager being bought by folks in the crowd, they did a great job. I’m glad I got to see them again in Joliet, a fan I became. American Head Charge did a moment of silence for Wayne, right before singing one of my new favorite songs, “Writhe”, it’s beautiful was able to get a video of it in Joliet.


Wolfborne which was on their first US tour and are from Canada, eh! They opened, along with a local band, overall I’m glad the tour continued, and the tribute to Wayne was made, he would have wanted it that way. The turn out might not have been a lot in certain cities, the way I look at it, if there isn’t a sold out crown when I go, it’s my own personal show really, as I’m such a traveler for Powerman 5000 I always feel like they are just playing for me anyway, and I’m still in post concert depression from it.

RIP. Wayne Static.

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