Arch Enemy and Kreator are two of the biggest metal acts right now. After finishing the European leg of their current tour, Arch Enemy and Kreator brought their power and fury to the House of Blues in Hollywood, California for the War Eternal North American tour.

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Kreator is one of the pioneers of thrash metal. Being a band for 30 years, the German thrashers have left their mark in the metal world. Having Released their newest album Phantom Antichrist in 2012, Kreator is still on the road promoting the album and bringing metal to the masses. At 8:55pm, the lights went out and the Hollywood crowd roared with excitement as well as chant loudly, “Kreator! Kreator! Kreator!”. All 4 members came out on stage and with no time to waste, started the show with Violent Revolutionwhich immediately got the crowd going as people started to shove against one another and even crowd surfers made an appearance.Kreator had a short set, but they made sure they brought their all by playing hits such as Enemy of God, Phobia, Phantom Antichrist,and Pleasure To Kill. During Endless Pain, frontman Mille Petrozza ordered the crowd on the floor to split in half to create a wall of death and on his count, to crash into each each. Mille counted to four in German and once Endless Pain continued from where it left off, the crowd ran and slammed into each other and turned into what would be the biggest circle pit of the night. As Kreator prepared to end the night, Mille screamed, “Hollywood! Are you ready to kill!?” and proceeded to play Pleasure To Kill to end their set and a powerful performance by one of the big 3 of German thrash metal.



Arch Enemy is a melodic death metal band that hail from Sweden (minus Alissa whom is Canadian) and are currently one of the most popular Swedish metal bands most well-known for being a female-fronted band. Longtime vocalist Angela Gossow stepped down as the vocalist earlier this year and passed the torch to the blue-haired beauty and queen beast, Alissa White-Gluz now formerly of The Agonist. This would be Alissa’s first USA tour with Arch Enemy and were out to support the release if their new album, War Eternal which was released June 9, 2014. At 10:35pm, the Hollywood crowd once again screamed and yelled in excitement as the lights turned off and an intro movie played while the quintet made their way to the stage as they opened with Enemy Within. Alissa did an excellent job of being the new frontwoman. Whether she was singing classic Arch Enemy songs or new tunes, she pulled it off beautifully with her growling singing style and even her stage presence alone was amazing. Arch Enemy did a great job on their setlist. From classics like Ravenous, My Apocalypse, Bloodstained Cross, and their most famous song, Nemesis. They also threw in new tunes like War Eternal, As the Pages Burn, and You Will Know My Name. The crowd themselves were on fire the whole show as they moshed and crowd surfed. Arch Enemy and Kreator both put on an amazing performance that left your ears ringing and your body sore from the loudness and monstrosity of their music and should be attended by all fans of metal.



Additional videos and photos of Kreator:

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Additional videos and photos for Arch Enemy:

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