Rain, Sleet, Hail or Snow… I would at least attempt to travel through it to see Powerman 5000, and thankfully the roads were clear for me to do that. I wasn’t going to be crazy this time, Iowa was a six hour drive give or take, so a hotel was needed and I’m glad I made the trek to Iowa.

There were two local opening bands as usual, Apathy Syndrome, which was a Slipknot like band, and I believe the other band was called Slyde, they were both from the area and did fairly well, but I wasn’t there to see local bands.

I drove to see Knee High Fox, now if you aren’t sure who Knee High Fox is, you need to do some research. They are epic. Knee High Fox is a band from California that consists of Christine Connolly (lead singer), Simon Nagel (bassist), Neal Teimann (guitar) and Oscar Silva (drummer). They have played many clubs in Los Angeles, the Roxy, Whiskey-A-Go-Go to name a few. They are an alternative rock band with a bad ass chick fronting them, seriously Christine can sing with the best of them. They have an EP out called “Unknown Skeleton” and several songs, and videos directed by Spider One. They were on tour with Powerman 5000 earlier last year, but never made it near me, this time I wasn’t missing out, regardless of the drive.



They could have played an hour and I would have been happy, the set list consisted of songs that need to be on a CD hopefully this year a CD will appear..

  1. One that Got Away
  2. Kiss me Kill me
  3. Valentine
  4. Legend
  5. Faultline
  6. Deadly
  7. Coming for You (w/Intro)
  8. Black Widow





These songs weren’t enough really.. I’ve heard “My Boyfriend”,  “Nightmare Land” and others,  I’m thinking in the future it will just be the Powerman 5000/Knee High Fox tour, please and thank you. They only have a few more dates left with Powerman 5000 and then they are headed back home to California for a much needed rest.




hed P.E. was next and honestly they are amazing live. I’ve been a fan of hed for years, and remember the days ago when the dreads were flying high literally. Things might have changed now, but overall hed pe puts on an awesome show each and every time. They played older songs, and new songs off of their current album, that came out last year. Hed had mentioned that their tour bus broke down in South Dakota the night before, so they all piled in the vans and made the trek to Iowa, glad they did.


Powerman 5000 was the last band of the night and they always save the best for last, it’s true. Spider and the fellows never disappoint. They have switched up the wardrobe for this trek, and went back to the future with the old school songs, that always get the crowd moving. They do however, sing a few from their latest CD “Builders of the Future” which people need to purchase seriously. Someone was screaming “Neckbone” if that’s the only song that relates you to the band, you need to get out more, but that’s beside the point.


The set list consisted of all listed below, but not in that order and I believe a couple were omitted as well, but I’m not sure on that. I just know the songs, and sing them when they start playing, as the set list does get switched up from time to time.

  1.  Super Villian
  2. Invade, Destroy, Repeat
  3. Nobody’s Real
  4. Hey, that’s right
  5. How to be a Human
  6. Your going to love it, if you like it or not
  7. Horror Show
  8. Bombshell
  9. We Want it all
  10. An Eye is upon you
  11. Supernova Goes Pop
  12. Tokyo Vigilante #1
  13. When Worlds Collide

I believe “Hey, that’s right” and “Your going to love it, if you like it or not” was omitted, but I’m not 100%, but either way they sounded amazing and despite Spider having some throat issues on stage, he was on point.

Toward the end of the tour, sleep deprivation kicks in, vocal strain and climate changes can cause various issues, but if you can power thru them, and get drugs to prevent the onset of germs, you are a true rock star. Love them so, they sounded awesome the crowd was really into it, and just made it for a great night.

The venue they played in Des Moines was called the Val Air Ballroom, which was basically a big warehouse that had two stages in it, one for a bigger crowd and then they could cut that in half for the smaller shows. The acoustics were great, and I would make the drive back to Iowa if the bands came back for sure.

Overall a great trip to Des Moines, Iowa, might be seeing more shows there in the future. Road Trip!!

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