SnoCore rolled into Illinois Sunday night with a fury, and packed Mojoes of Joliet to the brim. This time I decided to do VIP for Flyleaf as they were the opening band on the SnoCore tour this year and they had the VIP option.


Adelita’s Way also had a VIP option as well, and they brought out more VIP’ers then Flyleaf, but the VIP for Adelita’s Way was filled with women, and rightfully so, the fellows are quite good looking. I even tweeted “I will say, Adelita’s Way, brings out the women” they re-tweeted me, they are a bunch of nice fellows for sure.

The Flyleaf VIP contained three acoustic songs, as well as photos and autographs, the acoustic songs were amazing, they did a cover of The Smashing Pumpkins “Tonight Tonight” which I did get on video below:

They sounded awesome doing acoustic songs, Kristen May’s voice sounds so good she has a unique voice. They did a couple more acoustic songs, “Thread” and “Blue Roses” from their latest CD that was released last September called “Between the Stars”.

There was three bands opening up for Flyleaf, the first band was Fit for Rivals a band from Jacksonville Florida, and wow is all I can say. They rocked the stage, the lead singer Renee Phoenix was awesome, she was sporting a Michael Jordan jersey and a voice that can sing with the best of them. This was my first time seeing them or even hearing of them to be honest. Fit for Rivals has their latest single out called “Freak Machine” which is off of their upcoming CD, everyone should check it out, it’s a catchy little tune that I’m addicted to. Thank you Fit for Rivals.




Framing Hanley was up next, and they are a band from Nashville. Their songs are played on the Local Buzz on 102.9 the Buzz the Rock station out of Nashville on Sunday nights. They are a great bunch of guys, they play a version of “Lollipop” from Little Wayne that is freaking epic, as well as songs from their recent release “The Sum of Who We Are” that came out last April. Their song “Criminal” is a staple on all the rock radio stations as well as Octane on Sirius Radio. I went to met them afterward and mentioned the Local Buzz and Kenneth Nixon the lead singer was like we know you, “you tag us on there and get our songs played” I’m like yep that’s me, he’s like it’s so nice to meet you. So, that was sweet, although I was taken back by being known from social media, but it shows that the bands do see my tweets, and know I’m supporting them for sure, as I don’t tweet bands often only when it’s needed.




Adelita’s Way was up next, now these fellows I’ve been a fan of since they started. I first saw them back in in 2009 at the Canopy Club in Champaign, Illinois, I can’t even remember who they opened up for to be honest, they had just released their debut album.  Adelita’s Way have been through a couple lineup changes, but they still manage to put out solid rock and roll music. Adelita’s Way is doing a PledgeMusic project for their next album, which will be their 4th album, and they are releasing more music to those that pledge, and come to the shows, I did hear a couple new songs last night so that was a pleasant surprise.  They played their hits, “Sick”, “Alive”, “Invincible” along with current singles off of their 2014 release “Stuck”. Overall a great performance by Adelita’s Way.




Flyleaf was the last band of the night as they were headlining the SnoCore Tour for 2015 and they did not disappoint. Kristen May’s voice is amazing, she has a unique voice and it works well with Flyleaf, they opened up their set with “Set me on Fire” from their current CD “Between the Stars” that was released last September. They played several songs off of that album including one of my favorites, “Platonic”

Along with “Thread”, “City Kids”, “Sober Serenade” and “Magnetic” where fans that purchased a scarf at the merchandise table could get on stage and dance during that song. Kristen left the stage several times last night, she even managed to body surf and body surf all the way back up to the stage. She also went out into the middle of the crowd which was filmed and posted on their FB page. Overall Flyleaf had an amazing performance, this is my second time seeing them and I was impressed. They closed the set with “Sick” one of the most popular Flyleaf tracks that rocks the house every single time. Overall great show, they played 16 songs total, and did an excellent job.


They are continuing the SnoCore tour before heading out on the Revolver Magazine Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour, which will be touring near me, and I’m thinking another show might be in order to catch Fit for Rivals, as they two will be on that bill as well.


SnoCore was just big enough to fit into Mojoes in Joliet, it’s located right downtown a couple blocks away from a casino, has great acoustics, and I’ve seen several shows there, plan on going back next month for two more. ScoCore 2015 was a success can’t wait to see who they bring out next year for it, overall great tour, check it out if it comes near you, there is several dates left.



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