Rob Zombie, what can you say about a man that’s been rocking out since the early 90’s. The man is a rock legend, and a pretty good live performer as well. Besides making movies, he does put on a great live show and it’s worth every penny to go see him perform.

I had the chance to see Rob Zombie twice on this tour and decided I would do VIP for at least one of them, even though I’m a longtime fan of his brothers band Powerman 5000, I had never met Zombie before, seen him many years ago at a couple Ozzfest‘s, but never actually had the chance to met the man. The meet and greet went well, got a couple things signed, a photo which is on my Facebook, he was nice, even though I don’t think he heard who I was talking about, still they all were really sweet. Piggy D didn’t make the meet and greet, according to Rob he fell on stage in Ohio, and gave himself a concussion, not sure how much of that was true, but he did like a instagram photo I posted of him, so that made up for not getting his signature on the cell cover.



Milwaukee was the first stop on the Zombie train, VIP got me get dead center in front of Rob for the show. What a show it was, let me just say I had a “boot” print on the back of my shirt, that’s how rough of a show it was, it was brutal, body surfing, surge slamming fun. At one point I thought I might have cracked a couple ribs, but that wasn’t the case, my friend on the other hand is still dealing with the massive bruises she got on her arms, but despite the brutality of the “drop zone” it was worth it.


For Milwaukee Rob Zombie played a total of 19 songs, and killed every one of them. It was epic.

  1. Teenage Nosferatu Pussy
  2. Super-Charger Heaven
  3. Superbeast
  4. Get Up (I Feel like Being a) Sex Machine
  5. Living Dead Girl
  6. Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown
  7. Drum Solo
  8. More Human than Human
  9. Sick Bubble Gum
  10. Pussy Liquor
  11. Meet the Creeper
  12. Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)
  13. Blitzkrieg Bop
  14. Thunder Kiss 65
  15. School’s Out
  16. We’re an American Band
  17. American Witch
  18. The Lords of Salem
  19. Dragula


For the Milwaukee show, and with each song set, Rob would change into a jacket, hat or different shirt, John 5 displayed his array of guitars from one that had water in it, to one that lite up, they were amazing, and Piggy D had a nice collection of bass guitars, I might have gotten a photo of him with the Frankenstein one that had glowing eyes, loved seeing all those.


Zombie¬†and the guys put their heart and soul into every performance, you can tell they are having fun up there playing and interacting with the crowd, it’s a great show, and everyone should see Rob Zombie at least once in their life.



The Indianapolis show wasn’t as long as Milwaukee, this was at an outdoor venue on a lawn and storms had been on and off all day, so they did cut their set short due to the weather, but not without a little sarcastic drama from Rob himself. Rob leaves the stage at a certain point in the show, and goes to the ledge to sing to the crowd, as a person standing in front of him, don’t even HAND him your cell phone, as he’s not going to use it. Two women, I’m assuming,¬† handed him their cell phones, he basically just turned around and put them on stage. That spawned a cell phone rant, I feel bad as earlier in the day I had tweeted him asking if I could get a #selfie after the show, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen, I am realistic people, so I want to apologize to Rob for doing that, as last night made me feel bad. He sarcastically went and got Sherri’s phone and set down and video tapped himself.



I know where he is coming from, if your at a concert, don’t be on Twitter, or Facebook, I put mine on airplane mode, yes I take photos, but I’m also headbanging in the process. He asks if we all could just put our cell’s down and rock out to one song, which we did, and I kept mine at bay just because.

Overall the Indianapolis show was much more tamer then Milwaukee, no “drop zone” and we could actually move. Rob and the guys were somewhat rushed, but a storm was approaching and Rob said they were going to finish, “he was the one holding the lightening rod” the metal mic stand, they did however leave out a few songs, but overall another EPIC performance by the man.

The Gallery includes photos from both shows, and at both shows, there was an opening DJ who happened to be Ginger Fish, he played for thirty minutes a mix of songs, and basically had fun on stage. In Indianapolis his masked broke, and we all found out his identity, he did a great job and got the crowd all set.

The Rave was the venue in Milwaukee, always a good time there. The White River State Park Lawn was the setting for Indianapolis, first time Rob had played there, and overall great little place, small Lawn, but great acoustics, and really nice atmosphere.


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