Ladies and gentlemen, The Rolling Stones!!!

Florida was lucky to get one of the limited dates for the Zip Code North American Tour 2015. Orlando was even luckier to be chosen for the date. Luckier still, was my wife Lynn, to have won 2 tickets from WMMO to be able to attend the show.

The newly renovated Orlando Citrus Bowl filled with approx. 47,000 fans, played host to The Rolling Stones Zip Code Tour.

The show was everything you might expect from The Stones. Big, loud, bright, and did I mention big? It was huge! The production was nothing short of astronomical. Stage, light and sound were epic. Every sound, every vocal, was crystal clear. And for a stadium, that’s saying something. I saw the Stones back in ’89 in Tampa Stadium, and it sounded like garbage.

The band’s performance was also what you might expect from a Stones band whose band members average at the age of 70. They aren’t youngsters, to be sure. Mick sang, he yelled, he barked vocals. However, he has not lost a step when it comes to his moves on stage. He is still the best frontman in the business. Maybe Mick should try out for Van Halen. DLR wishes he was half as good.

You could tell, (thanks to the 3 gigantic HD Jumbotrons) that the boys were all having a blast together on stage. Smiling faces all over the stage. Even 74 year old Charlie Watts managed to crack a smile every now and then.

The highlite of the show for me was the first song of their encore. The University of Central Florida’s Choral Group delivered a chilling performance of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Absolutely brilliant.

Another show stealer was Lisa Fischer, whose soaring vocals on “Gimme Shelter” made the place blow up.

If your city was lucky enough to have been selected for this tour, you should definitely try to catch this show. This very well could be the last chance anyone gets to see and hear The Rolling Stones LIVE.

Or at least until the next retirement tour.

The Rolling Stones Orlando 3

The Rolling Stones Orlando 2

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