When it comes to some of the greatest metal bands of all time, German heavy metal band Scorpions will be one of the topics. With the release of their 18th studio album Return to Forever, Scorpions is here to stay and embarked on their 50th anniversary tour. Along with them they brought heavy metal veterans, Queensryche! The Forum in Inglewood, California was filled with three generations of Scorpions fans and they weren’t about to be disappointed!


Queensryche is a heavy metal band from Washington. They released their 15th album Condition Human on October 2, 2015. Original singer Geoff Tate was fired from Queensryche in 2012 and since then has been replaced by former Crimson Glory singer, Todd La Torre. Queensryche started the show with Anarchy-X from their famed Operation: Mindcrime album. Many fans speculated how La Torre would hold up to Tate’s legendary high-pitch vocals. Now that he’s been in the band for a few years, some people have said La Torre rivals Tate’s vocals or possibly even surpasses him. The fans seemed to approve of La Torre’s performance. Not too many people in the crowd seemed to be familiar with Queensryche so it was no surprise to see the majority of people sitting down. They had their obvious fans wearing their shirts and were cheering them on. Queensryche played hits from their career like: Jet City Woman, Silent Lucidity, and Eyes of a Stranger. With the lack of fan interaction, I’m sure Queensryche does much better at a headlining show full of fans. After a roughly 45 minute set, Queensryche came to an end when they played Queen of the Reich from their self-titled EP. La Torre got the chance to prove his vocal skills as he perfectly executed every scream this song has as Tate himself does. Queensryche finished up their show and the audience clapped and screamed on a job well done as the band left the stage and warmed up the audience for Scorpions!



After existing for 50 years, 18 albums released, receiving multiple awards, a star on the Hollywood Rock Wall, and over 100 million albums sold, you cannot deny the success and legacy that Scorpions has created. Having released their newest album Return to Forever, Scorpions showed that they’re not ready to quit anytime soon. The stage was shielded by a curtain that had the album cover of the band’s new album as the lights turned off and an almost sold out Forum erupted with screaming as the curtain came down to reveal the stage covered with fog with all five members on stage as they started their almost two-hour show with the first track from the new album, Going Out with a Bang. Even at their age, Scorpions display an energetic stage presence. Rhythm guitarist and founding member Rudolf Schenker would run around on stage and regularly make his way to the catwalk to interact and get up close to fans. The second song was the classic hit, Make It Real. Frontman Klaus Meine still has his singing voice and has been virtually unphased by age and shows why he has one of the greatest voices in metal. He would also run around on stage, swing his microphone around, and tossed drumsticks into the crowd. Another classic song The Zoo was played and is the one song where lead guitarist Matthias Jabs uses his talk box during his guitar solo and gives the song that robotic voice that the song is known for. The fourth song was one of the best instrumental tracks, Coast to Coast and it gave even Meine the chance to grab a guitar and ended up with everyone having a guitar on stage playing side by side. To throw in some more hits, Scorpions did a medley of some of their earliest work which was: Top of the Bill, Steamrock Fever, Speedy’s Coming, and Catch Your Train. After playing another new song We Built This House and Delicate Dance, Scorpions did an acoustic medley consisting of the hit Always Somewhere, the new song Eye of the Storm, and the fan favorite Send Me An Angel. Send Me An Angel is one of their most beautiful songs and Meine would let the crowd sing the chorus , “Here I am…”, Meine would sing “Will you Send Me An Angel?”, he would put his microphone out to the crowd again and they would sing, “Here I am…”, as Meine would finish with “in the land of the morning staaarrr”. Once that song was finished, it was time for Scorpions to play the biggest hit of their career and one of the best-selling singles of all time with over 14 million copies sold worldwide, Wind of Change. Scorpions wrote this song after the Cold War ended and it quickly became a huge hit all over the world. The song starts with Meine’s famous whistling and fans sang the beginning of the song while Meine sang his own parts and alternating letting fans sing, “take me to the magic of the moment on a glory night where the children of tomorrow dream away in the Wind of Change.” Scorpions continued playing a few more new songs and played another hit, Dynamite which had Meine use his vocals as he yelled out, “Dynamiiiite!”.



The band went backstage for a bit to catch their breath when suddenly the lights focused  on drummer James Kottack and his drum kit being lifted from the stage by cables as he delivered his “Kottack Attack” drum solo. He stops halfway to talk about him seeing Scorpions live and wishing he would drum for them one day only to get a phone call from Scorpions‘ manger five years later asking him to be their new drummer. After the drum solo, the band comes back out to play one of their biggest hits, Blackout. Schenker comes out with his famous guitar that leaks smoke giving it a nice effect while fans screamed and sang out loud with Meine, “Blackout! I really had a Blackout!”.


It seems people knew the show was coming to an end when they started playing their biggest hits. The next one being No One Like You, another one of their biggest hits. Big City Nights seemed to be the last song. Meine would have the crowd sing, “Big City, Big city Nights!” then Meine would sing, “you keep me burning!” then turn the mic back to the crowd and they’d finish, “Big City, Big City Nights!”. The song finished and lights flashed everywhere as the band rocked out as crazy as they could as fans screamed with joy. At least people thought the show was over. After a couple of minutes, the band came back out to play one of the biggest and best ballads of all time, Still Loving You. It is an incredibly beautiful song whether it’s the guitars or Meine’s spine-tingling vocals that give the song life. Meine would hold out the mic to the crowd and let them sing the chorus, “If we go again, all the way from the start. I would try to change the things that killed our love”. There was no better way of ending the song than having Meine beautifully sing, “I’m Still Loving Youuu…I need your love! Still Loving Youuu…Still Loving You, baby!”. To make the show end the best way possible, Scorpions picked the obvious song that everyone knew they would finish with and everyone should know. That song is one of the greatest heavy metal songs of all time, Rock You Like A Hurricane. The crowd would sing, “Here I am! Rock You Like A Hurricane!” and gave everyone one last chance to rock out with the Scorpions and everyone stood up on their feet, screamed, sang along, threw their horns up in the air, and were extremely happy to have been a part of this rocking night. The show sadly came to and for real this time as the band ran all over the stage and the catwalk for one last opportunity for the fans to go crazy. Scorpions have no doubt left their mark in the music world and they’re one of those bands that should retire only when they can literally not go on anymore.



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