Space Lemon is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles. Their music combines alternative rock with hard rock and grunge. Fans of Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, and Pearl Jam will find themselves drawn to their music. All four band members are graduates of the Musician Institute from around the globe. The band members are: Tommaso Gimignani (vocals) from Italy, Ignacio Zas (guitar) from Uruguay, Felipe Archer (bass) from Brazil, and Ale Robles (drums) from Mexico.

Space Lemon had a show at the bowling alley Lucky Strike in Hollywood and I was lucky enough to get invited to come out. As soon as Space Lemon started the show, you could hear their musicianship come to life. All four band members played their instruments with precision. Gimignani was the most energetic member of the band as he would run around, jump, gracefully dance on stage, and occasionally come out to the crowd and greet them. Zas would shred on his guitar and rock out in true rock and roll style. Archer laid down the rocking bass lines and stayed rather quiet for the most part. Robles was banging on the drums showing that girls are completely capable of playing instruments too. Space Lemon recently released their first music video for Alone Again which is off their debut EP that came out in July 2015. This is a very good song to listen to and fans of grunge and alternative rock will surely enjoy this. Space Lemon is still a new band, but you can tell by the passion in their music and performance that they have a very bright future ahead of them.


Space Lemon

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