Disturbed returned to their fans after a five-year hiatus. Along with that, they brought their first new album since 2010 titled, Immortalized. Disturbed announced a short run of tour dates and one of those stops was The Observatory in Santa Ana, California. With the show sold out months ahead of time, this was set to be an unforgettable night!


After dealing with the venue’s terrible/non-existent air conditioning system the whole night, fans were getting restless and were shouting the band’s name prior to the band’s start time. Disturbed came out to their dedicated fanbase and were welcomed with open arms after not being active for five years. Disturbed started the show with one of their best songs, Ten Thousand Fists. The members came out one by one with singer David Draiman being the last member to come on stage with his traditional black longcoat. This is one of those songs that had fans throwing their fists in the air.


Disturbed next played The Game from their debut The Sickness album album followed by the first new song played from their newest album, The Vengeful One. Prayer is another one of their hits where fans got to sing along to “Let me enlighten you, this is the way I Praaay!”.  One trait Disturbed is known for live is Draiman will regularly ask the fans to raise their fists during songs. Disturbed kept the energy going by playing their hits Liberate, their Genesis cover of Land of Confusion, and Stupify. To tone down the show for a bit, Disturbed came out with acoustic guitars and drummer Mike Wengren with kettle drums. They played the new song, Darkness. While playing the song, Draiman had the venue shut off their lights and had the fans hold up their phones and lighters to illuminate the venue. To keep the acoustic show going, Disturbed brought out another new song, but this one was special. They played their cover of Simon & Garfunkel‘s The Sound of Silence. Compared to the original song, this cover has a darker tone to it. It sounds haunting. Fans were singing along and were enjoying this cover. The song ended and the band members went back to their original positions and continued the show with Inside the Fire from their 2008 Indestructible album. Stricken is another one of their best songs and fans reacted positively and were loving every minute of the show. The Light was another song where Draiman had fans lift up their lighters and phones to shine throughout the song. After that song, a familiar beat started and Draiman announced that it was “sexy time”. Fans that know this song knew what was coming. Disturbed had prepared a medley of covers for fans to enjoy.


The first cover was a snippet of Nine Inch NailsCloser. The next snippet was U2‘s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. The Who‘s Baba O’ Riley was a fun cover played where fans loved to sing along to. For the final snippet, Disturbed played their cover of Rage Against the Machine‘s Killing in the Name. For this occasion, Disturbed brought out Elias Soriano the singer for Nonpoint whom had opened for Disturbed. The band finished their medley covers song and the sound of sirens filled the venue. Draiman asked the crowd if they were feeling Indestructible. Disturbed finished the show with Indestructible before leaving the stage. Fans didn’t seem ready to go home yet as they stayed and chanted the band’s name for them to come back out. Disturbed listened and came back out to play Voices to a re-energized crowd. Draiman pointed out to the audience that his parents were in the audience as they had become some of the band’s biggest fans. Now that the show was coming to its end, Disturbed played their most famous song that many people have heard of since the song was released in 2000. That song was Down With the Sickness. Draiman started the song with his signature “ohwa-ah-ah-ah!” line and drove fans berserk. Proving strong to this day, fans were moshing, shoving their fists in the air, and singing along.  The show ended as fog cannons fired fog filling the stage. Draiman made one final statement by saying, “Together, my brothers and sisters, we are Disturbed! We are all Disturbed!”. The band members threw picks and drumsticks into crowd, shook hands, and left the stage leaving behind a very happy crowd.

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