An Evening w/ Ween – April 14th 2016

Terminal 5 – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

Ween 7

For the first time since 2011, Ween is back in the Big Apple and they’ll be slaying the stages of Terminal 5 for the next couple days. Ween is back are words that I wasn’t sure I’d ever have the opportunity to type again but after almost 5 full years the hiatus is over and the boognish has yet again risen. These Terminal 5 shows are listed with doors at 8PM and a 9PM set time. It’s “An Evening w/ Ween”. Been to this venue countless times and I’ve never been that deep on a line here before. And here I thought 6:40 would be somewhat early.

Ween 6

The tension built inside Terminal 5 as it began to start really packing out around 8:30. With everyone in the building waiting with baited breathe, the 5 years are over. Ween is back. Again-The Boognish has RISEN.

Ween 4 GND

The Stallion Pt. 1 kicked this night of fevered dreams. They hit they stage to a gigantic roar. It was the biggest pop in the world. Talking like Road Warriors Rosemont Horizon 1985 type pop. Crazy. And in case anyone here was under the impression that this was a game, the boys hit us with an early Roses Are Free. By this time I am starting to finally grasp what is actually happening.

Like they never were not together, Gener and Deaner came together to share in the bouncing of riffs off one another throughout the night. There was no sign of a lay off. Some bands get back together years too late just to go through the motions, play a greatest hits set, make a few bucks, and touch exactly zero lives while doing so. This was not the case tonight. At least seven or eight songs I thought were sure-things for tonight didn’t even make the cut. Usually that’d lead to said concert goer not being thrilled. That was the exact opposite of the case.  Bananas And Blow, Your Party , Japanese Cowboy , Freedom of ’76 and The Grobe were early crowd favorites. That is until we got what we’d call the first bust out of the evening.

Ween 3 GND

Captain Fantasy hasn’t been played live since 2011, or at least that’s what I read on the interwebs (Hey, wasn’t the last time these dudes played together like 2011? ). Staying in dream sequence theme titles we were hit with Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) to calm the storm that would follow with Touch My Tooter.

With the exception of a couple, I find that not everybody loves the same Ween songs. And that’s a great thing.  People seeing these Ween shows need to know that. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. ANYTHING CAN BE PLAYED, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS. As Deaner noted when we were four songs in and already two Stallions deep.

These nights were meant to be special. Rumor has it, and I haven’t checked the set lists from previous nights but I do hear that it’s three nights of zero repeats. That’s going to be tough after tonight’s massive 31 song set.

Ween 5 acoustic

Oh you probably thought that last sentence was a typo. Absolutely not. Boys came out shortly after 9 and the show went to roughly a little before Midnight.  In the most pleasant of surprises of the evening, things got broke down with some beautiful  acoustic versions of a handful of songs. Acoustic tracks were Chocolate Town, Little Birdy, Get A Little Taste Of You(Z Rock Hawaii- 1st time played live since 2001) , The HIV Song, Help Me Scrap The Mucus off My Brain and by request, Kim Smoltz.

Ween 1

Pumping for the Man was new for me. It’s a spicy little diddy. It got played when Gene went to pee. Lucky him he gets to come back and reclaim his spot when he returns, unlike someone like me who stands up and gets accosted about “stealing” a spot that my body was already occupying. But keeping things to the stage, other awesome portions of the evening included a jam session led by  keyboardist Glenn McClelland, Boys Club, Baby Bitch and You Fucked Up.  Excuse my lack of an exact set list but the font on the page was too small for my camera to pick up with it’s zoom. And the battery began to die towards the end of this show hence why the last few songs are missing from the Jay Porks Youtube Channel. That NEVER happens, especially without any opening acts.

With that we were still able to capture about 26 songs for everyone who wasn’t able to make it to the Thursday night affair. I’m sure the weekend is going to be, what are the kids calling it these days? Ah: I’m sure it’s going to be “Lit”. And as happy as I am to see Ween playing shows again, I may be even sadder knowing that it might be the last time in my life this gets to happen.


Ween 8

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