Limp Bizkit 


Dayton, Ohio



Bro’s, let’s start with the shitty news, shows cancelled. The good news is Fred Durst might still drop by for a pack of smokes and a mountain dew, if he can make it over. Sounds like he really wanted to play, below is a text from obviously F. Durst himself.


People were doubting the show was real, then these showed up. They were gonna totally miss out.


The show was real, turns out the Sunoco couldn’t handle the awesomeness that was about to unfold. They couldn’t take it, losers. All they could do was post this lame sign, right next to that other lame sign.


Then the cops got involved, I know because they promoted the tweet on Twitter – @DaytonPolice is a solid follow, by the way.



Please note – The Cops Did Not Cancel This Show – We Used That Headline So You Would Click The Article – Sorry. 

Also Please Note: ” Don’t show up, or the cops will probably be pissed, and take your drugs. ”  – the cops 

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