Sublime w/ Rome & Dirty Heads – 07/08/2016

PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NJ

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

Sublime 6

Back in the swing of things tonight at the glorious PNC Banks Arts Center to catch Sublime w/ Rome and Dirty Heads tear up dirty Jerz on a Friday night.  Doors scheduled for 6:30 but a thunderstorm rolled through so we waited it out in the car and walked in shortly before 8. That was after an extensive search at the door, which included metal detectors, because that’s the country we live in these days. While walking the lawn, noticed the crowd was a majority of children. Am I happy that younger kids are into decent music? I guess. Is being surrounded by high school seniors making me feel old? Heck yes. We got to our seats just as Dirty Heads were hitting the stage.

Dirty Heads 2

Dirty Heads are the best act that is at all hip hop going these days. Fuck Drake.  That right there is some energy I wasn’t sure existed. Whole set was all killer no filler. Played a new song off the record they just put out this week, invited out Rome for “Lay Me Down.” I’ve listened to the Dirty Heads before, heck even saw them a couple years back. It’s a shame took me this long to catch them again, really didn’t expect to have that much fun during a set of a band that wasn’t going on last. The real deal. Grab the new record.

Sublime 3

I’m gonna make a note here, and I haven’t done this in a while. Sublime w/ Rome is up next. If anyone reading this wants to make snarky comments about how this “isn’t the real thing” because of Rome, I’m here to tell you people to go get lives. Listen to music you like. A band billing themselves as the Grateful Dead played shows with Trey Anastasio fronting the band. Alice In Chains isn’t Alice In Chains w/ DuVall. Who is fronting AC/DC these days? Oh, right. So I’m gonna enjoy seeing this band tonight because I was a child when they got big. Jay 90s they call me in some circles. This house is packed out, just let us enjoy this.

Sublime rolled out at 9:30 and decided to set a blaze to the entire township of Holmdel. Date Rape, Smoke Two Joints, Wrong Way,  and 40oz to Freedom, right out of the gate. And just like that I’m back on my couch. It’s 1996 and I’m watching Sublime videos on MTV.

Sublime 1

Isn’t that all one can expect from the live concert experience? Maybe enjoy things instead of looking around keeping a tally of how many people take a selfie over the course of the evening.

Speaking of taking things, I recorded a buttload of videos. We were so comfortable. Same spot as last year’s Smashing Pumpkins/Manson show.

Sublime has enough jams to keep the whole place jiving all night long sandwiched between a block of well known songs to kick it off and another back to back of classics to send everyone home happy. So I played it smart as you can see by the videos scattered throughout this post.

The boys ducked off at 10:39 before coming back out fairly quickly for some more jams.

If it need to be communicated to you that the two final songs of the evening were What I Got and Santeria then I can honestly say I have no idea how you found this write-up in the first place.

Sublime 5

Strongest moments of the even: A wicked Pawn Shop, August 29th 1992 and of course their interpretation the Toyes’ track titled “Smoke Two Joints.”

Pfft.. And you people said those redeemable Ticketmaster Vouchers were only for lame gigs.

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