Since the 90’s, Deftones have been making an impact in the music world. No matter what genre of music you listen to, chances are you’ve heard of them. On April 8, 2016, Deftones released their eighth studio album, Gore. It is the third album released by the band since the accident and death of longtime bassist, Chi Cheng. With the release of Gore, Deftones has set out on a massive tour which also involves festivals around the world. This current tour was focused on the USA and for this specific date, the Greek Theatre was the choice of venue where longtime fans and newer fans got to see one of rock’s biggest bands.
The lights went out and the venue erupted into a roar as the members of Deftones came out and started the show with Rocket Skates from their 2010 album, Diamond Eyes. The band has a very energetic stage presence as frontman Chino Moreno would actively run around on stage and jump whenever he got the opportunity. Geometric Headdress from the new album was next and helped give fans a taste of the new album live. The fan-favorite Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) from their highly successful Around the Fur album was the third song of choice and old school fans could be easily seen singing along. Moreno has a very versatile voice as he would alternate from clean singing to growls and of course his famous high-pitch vocals. Deftones fans clearly love the band as just by being present at the show, you could feel the strong bond between the band and the fans. Moreno displayed more of his musical talents by also lending a hand on rhythm guitar duties on tracks like Digital Bath while still performing the high-pitch vocals on the track. Moreno’s guitar even had a sticker of the late rapper, Eazy-E. It seems no matter what song Deftones played, the fans responded with a positive attitude. Classic tracks like Kimdracula, Knife Party, or Rickets were praised. Newer tracks such as Swerve City, Gore, and (L) MIRL were also welcomed by fans whom have yet to hear the new songs live. The show was coming to an end and Deftones made sure to give their fans their all. Deftones started playing Change (In the House of Flies) and it being the band’s most popular song, the whole venue went crazy. The fans loved singing along to, “I watched a Chaaange in you”. It was truly one of the most powerful songs performed that night. Deftones finished their set with their hit Passenger and left the stage. All seemed quiet and the fans had yet to leave the venue as they wanted more. The band listened and came back out to play a few more tracks.  My Own Summer (Shove it) started playing and with it being one of the band’s biggest hits, the whole venue lost their minds and enjoyed screaming along with Moreno as he screamed out the lyrics, “Shove it, shove it, shove it!”. Head Up was the next encore followed by Bored which was introduced with a snippet intro from Prince‘s Purple Rain. The final song of the night was Engine No. 9 and Deftones mixed it up a bit by throwing in the chorus to Cypress Hill‘s How I Could Just Kill A Man. The show came to an and fans could be seen with smiles on their faces as Deftones said their goodbyes. Whether you’re a huge Deftones fan or even a casual fan, they are surely a band to see live as they never disappoint.


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