Finnish power metal band Sonata Arctica released their ninth album The Ninth Hour on October 7, 2016. The band embarked on a North American tour and made their SoCal stop at the Grove in Anaheim, California. With them, they brought Finnish melodic death metal band Omnium Gatherum and German-Norwegian symphonic metal band, Leaves’ Eyes. Even for a bill as big as this, sadly the turnout for this show wasn’t very big even for a Sunday. Still, there was a decent amount of fans showing up supporting their favorite bands.


Sonata Arctica came out and started the show with the first track from the new album, Closer to an Animal. The band was met with cheers from fans as they sang and cheered as they finally saw the return of the band even though they were last here in March with Nightwish. The second song played was the next track on the new album titled, Life. For the third song, Sonata Arctica went back to their previous Pariah’s Child (2014) album and played The Wolves Die Young. Now that the band had gotten some of their newer material out of the way, it was time to bring out the classics that everyone wanted to hear. In Black and White was the first of those classics and lots of fans were super excited that they were playing that tune as many of them could be seen cheering and singing along. After that song, it was time to slow things down just a bit as frontman Tony Kakko sat down and song one of the band’s most beautiful songs, Tallulah, where more fans could once again be seen singing along. The popular hit FullMoon was next and the band came back to life full of energy with the song’s fast pace. Fans were singing, dancing, and Kakko would hold the mic to fans’ faces so they could sing the chorus for him. The band ran around with smiles on their faces and put 110% into every song they play. When it came to the end of the show, Sonata Arctica played their longest song in their catalog titled The Power of One clocking in at 10 minutes and 40 seconds. The band finished up the show and left. Fans didn’t seem ready to leave and stayed a bit longer hoping for the band to come back out. Surely enough, the band came back out for a couple of encores. The first encore was I Have a Right. To finish the show, Sonata Arctica played the usual show finisher, Don’t Say a Word, but not before thanking the audience for coming out. This was the last chance for fans to get wild as a mosh pit broke out in the floor area and the band themselves remained energetic for the whole song. Now that the show had come to an end, the band got together, bowed before their fans, shook hands, with fans, and then left the stage. Fans were left speechless and smiles on their faces as they too exited the venue waiting to see how long it’ll be before the band returns.


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