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Bands change lineups like they change their socks.  Humans, however, are creatures of habit:  resistant to change and afraid of the new and untested. So, when the bands we know and love disappear and suddenly resurface with completely new lineups, their reception is often the same as that of a sequel to a good movie. Yet every now and then there is a stroke of brilliance in that sequel’s conception, and the second act defies our resistance, proving to be as good or better than the original. After a long hiatus, Orgy’s creator, front man, and visionary Jay Gordon has created such a sequel.


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I remember picking up the Candyass album back in 1998. I gotta admit, I really only bought it because of Blue Monday, but I ended up liking the whole thing. It became an instant favorite of my collection. Good, solid Orgy from the late 90’s and early 2000’s is still on the rotation for my ears when I go to the gym. It was a good time for heavy metal innovation, and Orgy was part of the new industrial/sci-fi metal movement. I was disappointed when I learned of their dissolution shortly after the release of Vapor Transmission in 2000, but….it happens. In 2012 it was announced that Orgy would make a return, however, Jay Gordon would be the only original member. It takes more than one person to make chemistry, and the sound of only one member out of 5 can make the idea of a comeback “iffy”.


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It’s  been a bit of a slow climb for the band, but as of 2017, we can officially say that Orgy is back…Orgy 2.0, if we follow with the digital protocol theme. If you liked Orgy in the 90’s, you will love how the band has evolved as if they never went away.  If you have never heard of Orgy and you are looking for some new music, you, too, will love the sound and feel of this industrial metal powerhouse from L.A. In 2015, the band released a brand-spankin’-new album, Talk Sick, with its new lineup. 2017 is turning out to be a stellar year for Orgy as they co-headline the Set To Stun tour with Powerman 5000 in support of Talk Sick and an additional coming attraction called Entropy, another full-length LP due to release in a few months. Fans old and new will appreciate the unwavering passion that Jay has put into this band and its creative process and resurrection.


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At Club Red in Mesa, AZ, it was impossible for the audience to not be captivated by the lights and sounds of the Orgy metal sci-fi experience. They played the stuff you loved to hear, and they played it with all the feels you remember hearing it with. From past favorites to present releases, the digital computer undertrack that gives Orgy their industrial power kicked up the heartbeats of the crowd. It was exciting, and it was impossible to stand still. The band’s makeup and stage presence iced the cake and matched the sonic digital experience. They showed up to rock and made it look like they’d been here all along. There was some new music I hadn’t heard yet from their upcoming album. It was well-composed, matching the style and energy of their past accomplishments, and it fit into the set list like it was just another one of their Greatest Hits. It was a fun show even if you didn’t know the words. Jay Gordon is a front man with a commanding presence on the stage, knowing exactly what to say to connect with his audience and keep them engaged. If you were a casual fan waiting for Blue Monday, they had something for you, too. Orgy finished their performance with audience participation as Jay cruised the audience floor handing his microphone over to ecstatic fans to help sing lines of Blue Monday. It was fun like family, so much so that the supporting bands also joined the Orgy crew on stage for a rousing final chorus of their most famous hit song.



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