Metal Blade Records was celebrating their 35th anniversary as one of metal’s biggest record label. For the occasion, the label gathered a few bands and put them on a tour for the anniversary. The bands included in this tour were Whitechapel, Cattle Decapitation, Goatwhore, and Allegaeon. One of the many stops on the tour was the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles, California and metal fans were eager to see a lineup like this even on a Wednesday night.

Goatwhore is a extreme/blackened death metal band from Louisiana, USA. Plenty of fans could be seen in attendance sporting the band’s merch, so it’s safe to say there were one of the main bands that metalheads came to see. Goatwhore came out and started the show with An End to Nothing and in classic metal style, fans started moshing to some pretty extreme metal. The band was lit up with some beautiful lights to give the band a very appealing appearance, but the stage itself was rather dark so quite often it was difficult to see the band.

Frontman Louis Benjamin Falgoust II was very energetic during the band’s performance as he would actively run around on stage and interact with fans. Other songs included on the setlist were Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult and Sky Inferno. The mosh pit was wild during the band’s performance and it only got faster and crazier as Goatwhore performed one of their popular songs, FBS (Fucked By Satan). Since they were an opening band, it was time for them to call it a night. The band was set to finish the show with Apocalyptic Havok, but guitarist Sammy Duet ran into some technical problems with his guitar so after a quick switch, the band went into full frenzy with the finishing song and the mosh only seemed to get bigger. Goatwhore finished up the show and made room for the next brutal band of the night.


Cattle Decapitation is a death metal/deathgrind band from San Diego, California. They were another one of the bands that fans were there to see. Despite their rather grotesque and disturbing band name, their songs protest the mistreatment and consumption of animals, the abuse of the environment, and touch subjects such as misanthropy and genocide of the human race. Cattle Decapitation came out and started the show with Manufactured Extinct, the opening track from their newest album, The Anthropocene Extinction. Right away, you’ll notice that frontman Travis Ryan’s vocals are some of the highest shrieks you’ll hear from any singer. It made for some truly brutal singing and fans in the mosh pit stayed active the whole night. The next song was played was The Prophets of Loss followed by the fan favorite, Your Disposal.

The band had a very energetic presence as the band was active on stage and would run around. Ryan has a peculiar way of entertaining the audience. He would shoot snot from his nose then lick it back up from his hand. It gave the band a sense of humor which the fans got a kick out of. Other songs included in the band’s setlist was We Are Horrible People, The Burden of Seven Billion, and Forced Gender Reassignment. Since they were also an opening band, they had a rather short set time. Fans were sad to see them go, so Cattle Decapitation made sure to go out with a blast. The final song on their set list was Pacific Grim. Cattle Decapitation gave it their all and the fans gave it their best in the mosh pit. Cattle Decapitation finished the show and left the stage.




Cattle Decapitation

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