For three days, now, there has been a song stuck in my head. All day long I hear, “She’s got the eyyyyyyyyes of an angellllll….”. It happens every time I come home from a Davey Suicide show. The more I get to know them, the more I like them, and it’s not just THAT song that sticks in my head. After the show, I had the chance to pick up their latest album Made From Fire, and there are quite a few catchy tunes on it. I run to keep fit, and I’ve already added the entire album as the soundtrack for my street beats. It has a nice, overall uptempo feel with a good, driving beat to keep you moving forward, which goes along perfectly with the name “Suicide”. The name “Suicide” came from the notion that unless you stop yourself, there’s no reason you can’t achieve whatever you want in this life.

Davey Suicide came back to Mesa on Friday, June 16, and they sounded just as good live as they do in my headphones. They have a warm and engaging stage presence and plenty of energy…so much energy that despite their support position in the tour, it was their music that followed me home in my head and stayed there for the next few days. As a concert photographer, it is fairly easy for me to separate myself from the music and objectively cover the event for publication, but damn if Davey Suicide doesn’t make it hard to not get caught up in the moment! Getting a great, solid, sharp photo means standing still, taking a deep breath, slowly exhaling, and squeezing the shutter button. These are things I have done routinely for many years, yet when it comes to a Davey Suicide set, I have to literally tell myself to stop bouncing…stop nodding your head…stop singing. It’s infectious, and they are as sincere as they are theatrical. The sound invades your whole body. Their energy makes YOU have energy. Whether you want to or not, you can’t help but get caught up in their moments.

Davey Suicide appears as part of the Doyle “Abominate The World/As We Die” tour 2017.

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