The 2017 edition of the Summer Slaughter tour had a variety of metal for everyone’s taste. For the most part, this year primarily had metalcore bands with a few death metal bands higher up on the bill. This year saw the tour being headlined by melodic death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder and just before them were the death metal legends, Dying Fetus. A show like this was perfect for a Saturday and plenty of metalheads showed up to let off some steam as well as catch up with friends and maybe make new ones.
Dying Fetus released their newest album Wrong One to Fuck With on June 23, 2017. Plenty of fans were seen sporting the band’s merch so you know they were ready to mosh and get crazy. Dying Fetus came out and started the show with Justifiable Homicide. Right away you can hear the heaviness from the band’s music combined with singer/guitarist John Gallagher’s deep guttural death metal vocals engulfing the audience and venue and of course the fans were already moshing to go with the band’s music. Intentional Manslaughter was next on the setlist and it proved to be just as brutal as the opening track. Subjected to a Beating is one of the band’s more popular’s songs from their previous Reign Supreme album and had the mosh pit going just as wild. The trio has a very energetic stage presence as Gallagher and bassist Sean Beasley exchanged death metal vocals showing their musicianship as they worked together to bring metal to the masses. Dying Fetus continued to unleash death metal as they played brutal tracks such as Fixation on Devastation, Invert the Idols, and the title track from the new album, Wrong One to Fuck With. Being that they were a non-headlining band, Dying Fetus had a short set and closed out their show with Killing On¬†Adrenaline. They thanked the audience for coming out and left the stage for the headlining band.

The Black Dahlia Murder was the headlining band for the tour and this was an extra special tour for them because on this tour, they would be performing their third album Nocturnal in its entirety for its tenth anniversary. The lights went out and a background track of crickets chirping filled the venue to match the Nocturnal album. Not too long later, the band members came out and started with the first track from the album, Everything Went Black. The crowd went wild once again with a mosh pit starting and the fast-paced music from TBDM was a great way for fans to enjoy themselves. Up next was the band’s most popular track What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse which got it’s name from a quote from the 1988 video game, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. Frontman Trevor Strnad had the fans shake their fists in the air as the band played one of their most popular hits and plenty of crowd surfers made an appearance. Since the band was playing Nocturnal in its entirety, all the other songs performed were from the album which included Virally Yours, Nocturnal, and Deathmask Divine. The band played the final track from the album titled Warborn, then left the stage. All seemed quiet and dark and the fans chanted the band’s name. Surely enough, TBDM came out for a couple of more songs. The band made note that they were coming out with a new album titled Nightbringers later this year on October 6th. To give the fans a taste of the new album, TBDM played the title track of the new album, Nightbringers. Fans seemed to enjoy the song so they will definitely be looking forward to the new album. TBDM finished with I Will Return, thanked the audience for coming out, then left the stage once again while the fans themselves were left with looks of satisfaction, being tired, and of course, plenty of drunk people.


Dying Fetus



The Black Dahlia Murder


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