Rock legends Foreigner are currently celebrating their 40th anniversary tour. For this special occasion, they played nothing but the biggest hits from their 40-year career. Since the band’s creation, only founding member, guitarist, and songwriter Mick Jones remains the only original member on the lineup. Handling vocals since 2005 has been ex-Hurricane singer, Kelly Hansen. Foreigner is known to have a huge fan base in Southern California and to further prove that, the Greek Theatre show had sold out ahead of time. Legendary rock band Cheap Trick started the show and rocked the already packed venue. Foreigner headlined the night and the audience was already on their feet by the time the lights went out.

Foreigner came out and started the show with one of their biggest hits and usual opener, Double Vision. The crowd was on their feet singing along and had their hands in the air. The classic rock hits continued as Foreigner next played Head Games followed by another one of the band’s biggest hits, Cold as Ice. Foreigner had a great stage setup with beautiful lights and effects that always had something new to offer for every song. Foreigner is also known for writing beautiful ballads and it was shown when they played the next song, Waiting for a Girl Like You. Blue Morning, Blue Day was quite the song performed as it started to rain during the song and gave the song an extra boost in the meaning of the title. In true California rain style, it only lasted roughly five minutes and soon the band was back to playing normal without rain. Hansen made note on how it’s incredible that the band is celebrating their 40th anniversary and will now take the fans back to the very first Foreigner song that the fans heard back in 1977 from Foreigner‘s self-titled debut album which was Feels Like the First Time. Urgent is one of the band’s most popular songs and it shouldn’t be surprising since the songs is perfection in every way. From the catchy chorus, to the funky bass during the verses, and of course, no one can deny that perfect saxophone solo played by Thom Gimbel who has been a member of Foreigner for over 25 years. The stage went dark, fog covered the stage floor and set the mood for one of Foreigner‘s oldest songs. That song was Starrider. Back in 2010, Foreigner would dedicate this song to the late and legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio who had passed away that same year due to stomach cancer. The song had a beautiful finish as Hansen sang the final line of “Starriderrrr!” and was backed by a stream of fireworks going from the ground up. The stage went dark once again as drummer Chris Frazier and keyboardist Michael Bluestein performed solos to wow the audience. Little did the audience know they were being distracted from what was really going on. The solos finished and the familiar keyboard started to Jukebox Hero. Hansen was nowhere to be found until the audience realized he was in the middle of the venue standing high up on a pedestal so he could overlook the entire venue. After a while, Hansen came back down and joined the rest of the band to perform the rest of the song. The show came to an end and the band left the stage. Plenty of fans were leaving the venue, but a lot of them still stayed. Surely enough, Foreigner came back out for a couple of more hits. Hansen asked the audience to take their arms and wrap them around the person closest to them whether they knew them or not. All he wanted to do was to spread the love which is what the first encore song was about. The first encore performed was the power ballad, I Want to Know What Love Is and is one of the most beautiful songs you’ll ever hear. It peaked at number one on the Billboard charts in both the USA and UK and is the group’s biggest hit to date. Love was truly in the air. In the middle of the song, the group was joined by the Echo Choir from Los Angeles and sang the choir parts to the song. To end the night, Foreigner played what is the band’s most popular song, Hot Blooded. Everyone was dancing and singing along to the song and everyone was having such a good time even on a Wednesday night. Foreigner finished the song, bowed to the fans, and left the stage once again making sure that everyone had a night to never forget.



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