German heavy metal legends Scorpions and thrash metal legends Megadeth teamed up for the Crazy World tour. Both bands have different styles of music, they still attract almost the same fan base. The Forum in Inglewood, California was on fire as the venue filled up quickly even before Megadeth was set to take the stage. Whether it was the first time fans were seeing Megadeth or not, they were about to see one of the best metal bands of all time.


Megadeth released their fifteenth studio album, Dystopia, in 2016. Megadeth came out and started the show with one of their most popular songs, Hangar 18 off their Rust In Piece album which is also one of the greatest metal albums of all time.  The song serves as a great opening song with great guitar work from Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine and fellow guitarist, Kiko Loureiro. The second song played was The Threat Is Real, the opening track from the new album. The third song was Take No Prisoners, another classic from the Rust In Piece album. Megadeth has an amazing energetic stage presence. Aside from the band’s amazing musicianship, the stage was also covered with strobe lights giving the band an even bigger stage presence and would often flash following the guitar solos as well as fog cannons letting out fog whenever the moment arose. Megadeth continued the thrash assault with Sweating Bullets, Trust, and Dystopia in which that song earned the band their first Grammy for best metal performance at the 59th Grammy Awards. Mechanix was the next song played off the band’s debut album Killing Is My Business…and Business Is Good which they don’t play songs from that album often these days so this was definitely a treat for old school fans of the band.

Nearing the end of the show, Megadeth brought out the best in their catalog. The familiar sound of a choir started as Megadeth started one of the most popular songs in metal, Symphony of Destruction. Fans love singing along to the guitar riff as they sing, “Me-ga-deth! Me-ga-deth!”.  The song ended and stage went dark. Not too long later, bassist and co-founding member David Ellefson came out and had the audience clap along with him. He used the timing of the clapping and started playing one of the most famous bass lines in all of metal as the rest of the band followed and started playing one of the most widely known songs in metal, Peace Sells. Everyone metalhead in the world knows this song and had fans singing along, air guitaring, and head banging. As a special surprise, the band’s mascot Vic Rattlehead came out to meddle with the band and intimidate the audience. Megadeth and fans became one as they sang in unison, “Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying? Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying!?”. The song ended and the band left the stage. The stage remained dark and after a while, Mustaine came back out to thank the audience for coming as he prepared to play the final song, Holy Wars…the Punishment Due. In the middle of the shred-tastic solo, Mustaine paused to introduce the band members and then finished up the song then left the stage for the last time.

Scorpions are a legendary heavy metal band from Germany and have been releasing music since the 1970’s and have earned themselves a spot as one of the greatest metal bands of all time. A curtain with Scorpions‘ logo covered the stage so fans couldn’t see what was being setup. The lights went out and the fans cheered as the curtain came down and the members of Scorpions came out and started the show with Going Out with a Bang. A nice rock and roll start to the show. The second song played was Make It Real, a classic from Scorpions’ catalog. The third song played was another classic, The Zoo. The song is a fan-favorite because of how guitarist Matthias Jabs uses a talk box for the song instead of a traditional guitar solo. Scorpions have an energetic stage presence of their own as guitarist and founding member Rudolf Schenker would run around using every bit of the stage and often coming out to get a better view of the audience. Up next is the instrumental track Coast to Coast and is another one of the band’s popular songs. Scorpions setup a small acoustic set in front of the stage and played a medley of songs which included Always Somewhere, Eye of the Storm, and Send Me An Angel which is one of the band’s most beautiful songs.

To go back to the regular show, Scorpions played their their biggest hit, Wind of Change. With 14 million singles sold worldwide, it is one of the best-selling singles of all time and holds the record for best-selling single by a German artist. Frontman Klaus Meine took a quick break to talk to the audience about losing his friend Lemmy Kilmister formerly of Motörhead. To help keep his memory alive, Scorpions recruited former Motörhead drummer Mikkey as a permanent member of the band. Scorpions surprised fans as they played a cover of Overkill by Motörhead which was surely appreciated by fans of Motörhead. Dee was given his chance to shine as the newest member of the band as he was given time to do a drum solo which wowed everyone in the audience. The stage went dark and the background was lit up with blue sirens as Schenker came out with a new guitar with smoke coming out of it and the rest of the band continued the show with another one of the band’s biggest hits, Blackout. The show was nearing the end and so Scorpions played Big City Nights where Meine let fans sing along to the chorus of, “Big City…Big City Nights! You keep me burning! Big City…Big City Nights!”.  Scorpions left the stage and it seemed to be the end. The fans stayed and demanded more music. Surely enough, Scorpions came back out for some encores. Scorpions started their encore set with one of their biggest hits, No One Like You. Scorpions showed their love for the fans as the next encore is one of the greatest ballads of all time, Still Loving You. Fans love singing along to this and will for sure remain a classic for all time.

To bring an end to the show, Scorpions played one of the greatest metal songs of all time and the song that helped them rise to fame, Rock You Like a Hurricane. This song is the epitome of rock and metal and anyone who listens to either genre knows this song. Everyone was on their feet dancing, clapping, singing along, and even head banging. A great ending to a great show. Scorpions rocked the house that night and hopefully don’t slow down for years to come. Scorpions was met with misfortune after the show as Meine was diagnosed with severe laringitis and was forced to rest his vocals or risk permanent damage. Due to that, Scorpions and Megadeth cancelled the remaining dates on the tour which is unfortunate for everyone still waiting. However, Meine’s health comes first and Scorpions will for sure reschedule the dates at a later time.





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