In This Moment is a metal band from Los Angeles, California. On July 21, 2017, the band released their sixth album, Ritual. Just the day before, In This Moment was part of the Loudwire 2017 Music Awards where they received an award from the Century Media record label for their fourth record Blood which was now certified gold after reaching more than 500,000 in record sales. In This Moment is currently out in support for the new album and announced a tour which saw support from Of Mice and Men and Swedish melodic death metal band, Avatar. One of the stops was the Riverside Municipal Auditorium in Riverside, California and their legion of fans were ecstatic to see In This Moment.

The lights went out and the fans went into a frenzy as the curtains opened to reveal all the band members in place ready to get the show started as they opened with one of their most popular tracks, Blood. Singer Maria Brink was at the center of the stage standing on a platform with two of her dancers known as the Blood Girls who wore masks the whole time. The band has a very energetic stage presence filled with head banging, dancing, and lots of smoke. The next track played was a song from the new album titled, River of Fire. Next was Adrenalize and it had the fans singing along while Brink gracefully head banged too and danced along with her Blood Girls. In This Moment is known for their use of costumes and theatrics on stage. you could think of Brink as a cross between Lady Gaga and Rob Zombie with the amount of costume changes she has during the band’s performance. The song Burn was perhaps was one of the best songs of the night as Brink was center stage and when it came to singing the chorus, she would raised the cloths above her head almost looking like she had wings and was covered and red lighting to add effect of being on fire. The lights went out once again and when they came on, all the members were absent from the stage except for Brink who was now on the platform center stage with a keyboard while smoke covered the stage and was being blown in Brink’s direction by fans and gave the song a beautiful sight to be seen as she started to play the last song from the new album, Lay Your Gun Down. A very touching moment when Brink asked the fans to light her up by using their cellphone’s flashlights. Next, Brink to the opportunity to introduce her band mates one by one including guitarist Chris Howorth who is the co-founder of the band including with Brink. She let them loose as the band instrumentally performed two medley covers from Metallica which were For Whom the Bell Tolls and Creeping Death. The band members also exited the stage and left drummer Kent Diimmel, the band’s newest member, to entertain the fans with a blistering drum solo. The band came back out to perform another new song, Black Wedding. On the album, the song is a duet which features Rob Halford from British heavy metal legends, Judas Priest. The stage went dark again as Brink once again came out with her mermaid outfit to do a melancholy cover of Phil CollinsIn The Air Tonight. Nearing the end of the show, In This Moment played Sick Like Me, the first single from their previous Black Widow album. Brink would come out in a black dress and black hat with long yellow nails on her hand resembling the legs of a black widow spider.

To end the show, In This Moment played the first single from their new album, Oh Lord, which is the band’s highest charting single to date, peaking at #6 on the Top Mainstream Rock Charts. The band finished the song, then left the stage. After a little while, A big podium appeared on stage as the band members started to make their way back on stage with Brink taking her place at the top of the podium with a ruler in hand and wearing a dunce cap with the word “WHORE” written on it. Brink talked to the audience how when she was just a girl, she was always made fun of, mistreated, and made feel worthless. The finale of the show was Whore and it was specifically written to those that are suffering and finding our power and taking a stand. Red and white balloons came down from the ceiling and filled he floor. The song ended and the fans kept on cheering. all the people involved for the show came out and bowed to the audience then left the stage for the final time.



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