For nearly 30 years, Belgian post-industrial techno group Lords of Acid have been bringing sex and sexy to urban nightlife. Lead by original founding member Praga Khan still on lead keyboard, the Lords came to Mesa, AZ as part of their Sextreme Fest Tour 2017. In true Lords form, complete with rocking live instrumentals and blow up dolls, the Lords rocked the Club Red house to a not only a venue packed with EDM fans, but also a stage line-up of ear candy making the band’s current manifestation a powerhouse of awesomesauce. Featuring bassist DieTrich Thrall from Doyle von Frankenstein’s solo project DOYLE on bottom and Pig/Primitive Race guitarist and programmer Joe Haze, a Lords of Acid show promises not only a night of sensual bedlam for the casual fan, but also an evening of InTellectual IT (see what I did there?) bliss for nerds of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re there to be sexed up or just to bring your geek squad to a fun night of technological frivolity, no one will be disappointed by the Lords’ electric energy.


Lords of Acid may be one of the oldest techno bands to ever run in the mainstream, but their presence and sound continue to be fresh and relevant for new and young fans while older constituents will find the band has not sacrificed its top shelf sound that we grew up with, even in their newer music and line-up. Lords is currently fronted by Kansas City native DJ Mea (Fisher), whose pink hair, cat ears, and BDSM wardrobe only elevates the concert experience by adding visual context to her soaring banshee vocals. Being the innovative technology group that they are, DJ Mea is the perfect front woman for the Lords, having changed the face of EDM herself during her beginning solo career. In the early 2000s, DJ Mea made a name for herself on the Chicago house scene by singing live over top of her DJ sets. The resulting sound was an instant success and is the perfect match for a band like Lords of Acid, whose live appearances are often more industrial and musically power-packed than what you would experience on the album. As if her vocals weren’t enough, DJ Mea truly enjoys her center mic position. Backed by En Esch (KMFDM) bombshell Erica Dilanjian, Mea’s passion is electric in its own rite, bringing a surge of energy to a crowded room that rivals any traditional concert.

Synonymous with sex, Lords fans are encouraged to dress for the occasion. Fishnets and stilettos, short skirts and skimpy shirts are the order of the day…er…night, and the more “of the night” you dress, the more fun you’ll have. Regardless of body type and size, all people are sexy when Lords of Acid take the stage. In fact, NOT dressing for the show might even earn you more stares than a pair of lime green fishnets would. However, no matter how sexy no outfit is complete without the signature devil horns that appear on many of the bands album covers. Don’t have any? Walgreen’s says it’s not Halloween? It’s OK. They sell them at the door. Turn your horns on as Praga Khan turns you on with one of the band’s original early 90’s releases, “Rough Sex” from the 1991 release Lust. Lords of Acid take control with a set-list that spans their entire career from the early Lust days all the way up to their 2016 album release Smoking Hot, including the tongue-in-cheek version of the 1928 Hollywood Golden Age hit “Loved By You”, which we now know and love as “Scrooed Bi U” from the 2000 Farstucker album. And if you’re lucky, you can find your way to the stage to dance with the Lords to everyone’s favorite super sexy song….. =^.^=

Lords of Acid headline the Sextreme Fest 2017 tour supported by Erie Loch and the WICCID duo from Sacramento, California along side Christian Death, Combichrist, and KMFDM’s own En Esch.

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