I first heard about Curren$y a few years back in some Hip Hop magazine. Did a few youtube searches and got schooled. Curren$y is a busy man.

First signed to Master P’s No Limit Records as part of the 504 boys in 2002. The New Orleans native wasted no time after appearing on Master P’s ” Good Side Bad Side ” album Curren$y packed up shop and left No Limit. Next stop Cash Money Records under Lil Wayne’s label Young Money Records. Soon after he grew tired of being on the back burner. Once again he set out for greener pastures. And from the looks of the album releases, tour dates, mixtapes and features it was a good move.

From the discography on Wikipedia he has released 7 studio albums since 2009 and that is not counting the 14 mixtapes in between. I read an article somewhere online saying he made over $750,000 in touring last year.

Which brings us to Friday, May 27th the first day of Memorial Day weekend. The venues across St. Louis were booked with all sorts of shows. Even a free Rib America deal with Collective Soul and the like. Personally I needed a hip hop show in my life so The Jet Life Tour was a easy pick.

What made it also an easy choice for me was the venue. The Old Rock House is one of my favorite venues in St. Louis. Great Sound, Great Staff, and Great layout makes it exceptional to see a show.

A few days before the show the venue posted the show was going to sell out. Not being one to like being stuck outside I bought a ticket 20 Dollars and some change.

I had the whole day off work, and spent the whole day trying to recover from this cold I have. When recovery didn’t work, I tried the next best thing. Alocohol! I went to the Liquor store and grabbed a sixer of Heineken and other necessities. After procrastinating as long as possible I left for the show.

I showed up later than I would of liked and parking was slightly hard to find. I found a good enough spot and celebrated with a beer and meditations.

A short walk later I was at The Old Rock House. I get in the venue and The Notorious B.I.G is bumping through the club. Everyone is having a good time. The bar was packed, and the atmosphere had a certain nice cloudiness to it.

The female Dj behind the turntables did a great job getting the crowd in a good mood. I decided to head upstairs to the bar and grab a beer. When I made it back downstairs the rap duo Monster Beats were hitting the stage. Actaully due to how great I was feeling I am only half sure they were “Monster Beats”. Whoever they were they put on a solid show.

Up next that brought up Corner Boy P. I dug his raps and cool laid back stage presence. He also was rocking a pretty fresh shirt. Corner Boy P played for about 10-20 minutes. The crowd was into him as well and got a lot of love from the sold out St. Louis crowd.

As Corner Boy P was finishing up he was joined by FIEND of No Limit Records fame. They rocked the smokers song ” Welcome to Amsterdam “.

“Got my passport ready, my Euros up, I’m international I don’t give a Euro-FUCK”. I dig that line from Corner Boy P, and that ended his set. However Fiend stayed onstage and ripped down his set for another 20 minutes.

While I honestly didn’t know much about Fiend. The rest of the crowd was very into his set. “Sweet Mary Jane” was a cool song he rocked.

After rocking other songs such as “Tennis Shoes and Tuxedos” it was time for Fiend to close out the set. There could of been more acts. I know Young Roddy and Trademark performed but a lot of the night I spent outside. My cold was kicking my ass.

When I came back inside they were announcing it was time for the “Hot Spitta” Curren$y to take the stage. He came out to the packed house and got right to work.

He came out rocking a fitted Ice Cream hat and long sleeve Ice Cream shirt and worked the stage spitting hot bars all night long. He let everyone know he got that “Drug Flow” right away!

Good times were flying thick in the air. It was clear how Curren$y is blowing up. The crowd was yelling back lyrics all night.

Being the Jet Life tour, it surely lived up to the hype. The next beat was unmistakable. Everyone in the crowd had five on it. Curren$y matched the crowd smoke for smoke with his own ” I Got Five On It ”

The theme of the night was definitely ” Jet Life ” and the Jet Life sign is made with your Thumb and Pinky very much like the surfers ” Hang Loose ” hand gesture. If you didn’t know about it coming in as you will see in this next video. You knew about it when you left. Jet Life!

Curren$y was enjoying his night and seemed to have a lot of fun on stage.

Then he asked the crowd to hold up the fly sneakers they were rocking, there was some Bo Jacksons, Jordans and a bunch of other I can’t remember I didn’t get any good pictures or video. Which sucks because it was a great part of the show. ” Roasted ” was a great song to follow. Everyone in the crowd could relate to this one as by this point everyone was ” Roasted “.

After a solid hour performance it was time for the ” Hot Spitta ” to leave. He decided to end the night on a crazy note by jumping off stage into the crowd and walking through the amped up crowd to make his exit.

Everyone rushed him so fast, and it was all love as he moved through the crowd towards the exit. He even stopped for a quick smoke break on the way out.

The smoke cleared eventaully……

and everyone hung out on the patio to enjoy the beautiful, warm, clear night outside!

I had a great time at this show and like most shows I had a late night craving for some greasy fast food. What better way to end the night then with 8 dollars of White Castle.

Till next time.

BeezNutz calls St. Louis, Mo home and enjoys shooting: drugs, shows and hookers. Check out his videos at youtube.com/therealbeeznutz, on facebook :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beez-Nutz/161811213885941 or Twitter.com/BeezNutzstl
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