While Davey Suicide is no stranger to the stage, their latest manifestation is the culmination of their hard work and determination to make it in an ever-fickle industry. Clawing their way from the pit of Hollyweird, Killafornia, Davey Suicide has done their fair share of time in the trenches from surviving the seedy underbelly of the music world to supporting other up and coming bands. But 2017 marked a significant change in the band’s status in the industry. Always the bridesmaid never the bride, the wait is over. The Made From Fire tour, which spans 2017 and 2018, brings Davey Suicide front and center to finally headline the main stage. You’ve seen them once, you’ve seen them twice….but you’ve never seen them like this.


While Suicide fans will already be familiar with the setlist, they should be prepared to experience Davey’s songs and sonnets on and entirely new level. Along with their latest honor as headliner comes a brand-spankin’-new stage plot and set up. No more house RGBLEDs. No more “Time’s up! Get off the stage!”. Nope. Not this time. Now we get to experience Davey Suicide in the way they were meant to be seen…and heard. With full-on light displays, fog, and costumery, Davey Suicide really comes to life in a stunning sonic and visual experience fans won’t be disappointed with. From appearing as the ringleader for the power hit “Too Many Freaks (Not Enough Circuses)” to a heartfelt interpretation of a battle-weary soldier, Davey Suicide invites audience members to take a deeper look into the monster machine by sharing his personal stories, his inspirations, and his aspirations.


For me personally, even though I’ve met the band loads of times and shot their shows on several different occasions, all I could think was….WOW! I was entranced by the lighting and effects. I found it both hypnotizing enough to distract me from my camera work and inspiring as a concert photographer. I wanted to stand there and take it all in, yet at the same time I was so in love with the colors and stark imagery and had to restrain myself from just holding down the shutter button and taking a million more pictures than I usually do. The show was well thought out, and the stage plot very well conceived and choreographed to match the tunage. I really enjoyed the warmth that Davey expressed as he spoke between songs, and I really appreciated his openness and candor in sharing this particular part of his life with his fan family.

No matter how many times you’ve seen them in the past, go again and witness the band in this rare form…the result of their many years’ toils and tribulations. The ride has been rough, and there were many times it would have just been easier to give up, but where many artists would have just gone home, this band has persevered and fought hard to rise above their circumstances. They have earned the right to title their headline debut tour Made From Fire because that’s exactly what they are and where they’ve come from on their musical journey. You may already know the songs, but given their change in status the show is fresh and new, and you’ll experience their music as if you’re hearing them for the first time…and in a way, you are. As the band reaches a new level in their career, both old fans and new are embraced with the same love, unfailing energy, and humility as always. If you are a new fan, come see the band in all their glory. If you are an old fan, come and celebrate the band’s musical victories with them.

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